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1 Out of 120

“10-So don’t worry, because I am with you. Don’t be afraid, because I am your God. I will make you strong and will help you; I will support you with my right hand that saves you. 13- I am the Lord your God, who holds your right hand and I tell you, ‘Don’t be afraid. I will help you.” -Isaiah 43:10 & 13

Have you ever felt alone in this world? Maybe you struggle to fit in at school or work and you’re not in the cool circle. Others get together outside of work and leave you out of the loop or they go off and have conversations and leave you behind. Maybe you don’t have many friendships and when you seem to get that one good friend it only last a short time before they are making other friends around you where you were unable to connect and you once again feel out of the loop. Maybe you are doing everything right, yet you are on the unpopular side of the choices, so others don’t want to jump on the same train as you. This is more than just a feeling from the people around you. Unfortunately families can make you feel the same way too, maybe you feel you are the black sheep in the bunch because you aren’t like the rest of them or don’t do the things they do so they don’t always include you in things. Or you have chosen a faith none of them can get behind, so you are now alone trying to live the way God has asked and no one is by your side helping and supporting. There are so many ways one person can feel alone in this world and it can happen even in the smallest circles you are surrounded by daily. In this crazy world it sometimes might feel like there is no way you are going to survive especially when you feel you are alone.

Do you know much about sea turtles? I never really studied them myself but have learned a couple things that I found interesting. For one thing, they are pretty much alone all the time doing what they can to survive in the big blue oceans. They don’t travel in groups and have social circles and usually only get together to mate and the females lay eggs around each other. But what I found the most interesting was that when they do lay eggs, they lay about 120 eggs, bury them and the head back to the sea leaving the eggs to fend for themselves. When those eggs hatch out of the 120 usually only 1 will survive and make it to the water and grow up to start the life cycle again. I was shocked to hear only 1 out of 120 and it got me thinking. No matter our circumstances or what we’re facing or what is happening around us, it can’t be as bad as being the only one to make it out of 120.

This in turn reminded me on Noah. If anyone had the right to feel alone or that he had no friends except his family, it was him. He was a God-fearing man, trusted God with his whole being and would do anything God asked of him even if it was the unpopular vote. And God did ask something big from him, build an ark to float on the seas in the middle of dry land and then warn the people of the incoming rains that will destroy the world. We know what happened because we know what rain and floods can do and we have been raised as Christians with this story in our hearts. But back then no one had seen rain that devastating, they only knew what dew was. So, against all odds and with his back against a wall Noah did what God asked. And for 120 years Noah and his family built an ark and he preached to the world of unbelievers of a God who wanted them all to be saved.

Talk about feeling alone. I am sure Noah was mocked, ridiculed, gossiped about and kept out of the loop. He probably many days felt he was alone even with his family there helping. I’m sure he felt like giving up a time or two also, yet he persevered, he trusted God’s leading and he continued to build the ark and preach God’s message. In the end, it was not just Noah that was saved, he and his seven family members survived the flood of the entire earth and lived to tell the story and share the goodness of a great God to a new generation.

There is even better news today for all of us who have ever felt alone or out the “cool group”. We will never be alone, and we are not meant to fit into this world and how they think. We are God’s children and since the fall of man He has planned something so much better for all of us if we can just hang on and persevere. And the best part is that He has promised to always be by our side helping through each step good and bad. The hope of salvation and a home in heaven is promised to all who choose to claim Jesus and walk with Him.

When you feel alone, remember that jobs, friends, problems can always come and go. Some are only meant to be for a season, and some are meant for a lifetime, but we serve a God that is forever. A God that keeps His word and a God who will see us through everything to the end. When you feel alone go to God in prayer and pray for peace and comfort and He will send you the friends and comfort you need to help you through any thing you are facing even if they are just temporary. And if you feel you don’t fit in at school or work just hang on, keep being you and who God has called you to be.

Like Noah, have faith in God and trust Him. You never know how you are still affecting even one person when you feel you are not making a difference. Know you are not alone; you won’t be 1 out of 120 and you won’t be 1 out of 8. There are so many in this world who share your faith, your trust, your hope in God and when He comes again to take us to heaven you will be 1 in thousands singing praises to God and sharing in the same joy others have longed for too.

As hard as it feels at times and you want to fit in when you are not meant to, live your life for God, share the Good News of Jesus and let God take care of the rest. You have more friends than you might feel at the moment, but that moment will only be a moment and then something or someone new will come along to be with you in your journey in life. Turn the reins over to God, trust, have faith and keep prayer at the center of your life and you will survive. Everything you are facing will pass and something new is around the corner.

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