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Philippians 4:6, “Do not worry about anything, but pray and ask God for everything you need, always giving thanks.”

Here's a little tune that will have you singing as I write it. ‘Now there is a song that I wrote, I hope you learned it note for note. Don't worry, be happy. Now listen to what I said, in your life expect some trouble. But when you worry you make it double. But don't worry, be happy… Don't worry, be happy. Don't worry, it will soon pass, whatever it is. Don't worry, be happy.’

Maybe you've heard this one. ‘Hakuna matata! What a wonderful phrase. Hakuna matata! Ain't no passing craze. It means no worries for the rest of your days. It's a problem-free philosophy. Hakuna matata!’

Now that I hopefully have you singing, let's look a little closer at the problem of worrying. We worry about what others think of us. We worry about our relationships. We worry about our kids. We worry about our job and all the bills that seem to pile up. Worry, worry, worry, no matter who you are, everyone deals with worry in their lives. How can we go through life and all it throws at us and heed Jesus’ command not to worry? Think about this. 10 years, five years, maybe even a year from now. Will the things you worry about matter? Probably not, because life has moved on and life is forever shifting.

When worry begins to set in you have a choice, pray or panic. Worry or worship. If you are worrying, are you really worshipping?

In Matthew 6:25 Jesus tells us not to worry about our daily needs, clothes, food, money, etc. He's got us covered. When we worry about these things, we take away from the greater blessings God is giving us. Love, family, health, rest, nature to enjoy, and more. It's interesting because you could have a full kitchen stocked with food and still die, the best dressed person can still become ill. Jesus knows that these matter in our life but He also is saying our life is more important than food in our body and more than clothes. If God is our Creator who made our bodies and gave us life, we should be confident, He will provide what we need to support them.

Jesus goes on further in Matthew 6:26, 28, and 30. He brings up nature and how nature doesn’t worry. There is a story, A Papa Robin was teaching his son how to get worms for breakfast. They flew to a nearby patch of grass and looked until they saw a worm. Papa quickly pecked at the worm pulling it out of the ground and ate it. The son was excited about this new way to eat and tried it for himself. After a few worms the son became worried. “What's wrong son?” Papa asked.

“What if the worms aren't here tomorrow? What if all of a sudden they're gone?”

Papa smiled, “Son, the worms will never run out. They are always here because God provides the worms for us every day. They were here yesterday, they are here today, and they will be here tomorrow.”

God adds that He has provided for nature, and we are more valuable than nature. Verse 30 states that we are so valuable to Jesus that He offers us forgiveness and salvation instead of dying like the flowers. James 1:17 tells us God is our creator and we can be sure everything we need comes from Him.

Between Jesus’ illustrations He adds in verse 27, “Can any of you add time to your life by worrying about it?”

Of course not. Worry cannot add a single minute to our life or a single dollar to our bank account. Worry can't make you an inch taller, shorter, bigger, or smaller. Worry won't move you any closer to that situation. Worry can't help any of us. In fact, it can shorten our life.

Worry can't change the past, it's over and done. Worry can't change the future. Worry only messes up today. So, why do we worry when Jesus has promised He will take care of us.

Let me ask you this. As a child, did you worry? No, you simply went to mom and dad, and they took care of things. Never did you worry about money or how things got paid for, (i.e., toys, food, clothes, etc.), that was mom and dad's worry.

So, why do you worry now? Are we not God's children? Do you know when you worry, you are taking away God's responsibility. Worry is something God never intended us to have. “Come to me, all of you who are tired and have heavy loads, and I will give you rest. Accept my teachings and learn from me, because I am gentle and humble in spirit, and you will find rest for your lives. The burden that I ask you to accept is easy; the load I give you to carry is light.”- Matthew 11:28-30.

When we begin to worry, we are saying, ‘It all depends on me. I don't have a Heavenly Father’. Luke 12:7, we are valuable to God. Jesus is saying in these verses, “I care for you, you have value, I will take care of you.”

We are so valued, Jesus went to the cross for you, for me. We are important and not meant to be tossed aside as worthless junk.

When you begin to worry, see it as a warning light. We need to realize that when we worry, we are forgetting that God has promised to meet all our needs. Worry is saying we believe the lies that God can't help us. We are forgetting God's goodness. Let me tell you, as someone who has been down this street a time or two, worry is a one-way street that leads to all kinds of disappointments.

Once again, I have found that with the Lord I end up spending a lot of time on one subject and I know He has a lot to share with us, so we are going to take this study in two parts. For today I hope you are able to lean on God and cast all your worries on Him and let Him take care of your needs. He is our loving Father who wants us to live stress-free lives, trust Him and know that He’s got this, and He’s got you.

Learning to trust and walk with God can only come when we spend time with Him. Although He can't walk with us hear on earth, He has given us the best way to have a relationship with Him, through the Bible and prayer. When we open the pages of scripture we are reading Gods words given to the writers so we can know Him, learn how He has been with us since creation and how He never has or will leave us. We can learn from others how to walk with God in trust and faith. We can learn of who Jesus is and the wonderful promises He gives each of us. Yes worry will always be part of our human nature, but with God and when we put our trust in God we can learn to deal with it in calmer way and maybe stress a lot less. Today let's continue to learn how we can walk with God and grow more like Him through Daniel's friends who learned to walk with God despite opposition.

Study 8, Walking with God despite opposition-

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