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24 Hours, 1,440 Minutes, 86,400 Seconds

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

John 9:4 “While it is daytime, we must continue doing the work of the One who sent me. Night is coming, when no one can work.”

Most of us can look around our homes and find reminders of good intentions. We can easily see things where we never followed through to reach our goal. The seldom used tennis shoes, intended to walk with friends, waiting by the door. A piano, intended to fill worship time with music, sits silent. A pile of devotional books sits on the nightstand, collecting dust. A laptop, intended to write about Jesus, remains packaged.

What about good intentions around your home, like the games piled in a corner, that you wanted to play with the kids for more quality time. The exercise equipment, hardly used, that you planned to use for exercise. The new hobby you wanted to pick up but never got around to.

The problem with all our good intentions is that it takes effort to make it happen. Effort that is hard to squeeze into our already busy lives, juggling schedules, appointments, and family.

Do you know the time God gives us is ours to spend? We are the ones who determine how we use it. We can either do something about those good intentions or let them slip through our finger’s hour by hour, day by day, week by week until our entire year has gone by with little accomplished.

Our good intentions can be put into motion both in our home and for service to God. When out on those errands and appointments with your children use the drive to bond. Talk to each other, play car games, sing, simply build quality time. Intentionally walk one day a week with your friends, sharing Jesus and about the things going on in your life, use the time to build each other up and to grow in Jesus. Donate the piano and get music to play from CD’s or other music devices through the day or sing whenever the opportunity arises. Dust off the books, open the laptop, turn off the T.V. a little earlier and make use of the good intentions.

We all can find reasons and excuses to set things aside saying we have no time. But when we go by what Jesus tells us in John 9:4, I’m sure we can find the right time for everything. Night and day will come and Jesus spent His life on earth doing God’s will. With all our good intentions we need to find a way to go about doing the Lord’s will and balance our life on earth. When we seek Jesus, He can and will help us find a way. Make every moment count.

As long as you live you have 24 hours.1,440 minutes, 86,400 seconds a day that will be spent. It’s up to you to decided how you are going to spend it.

For further study in the Bible lets continue our Blue Jean Faith through James. Today we will add James 1:9-18. Remember to ask the Lord to show you what He is teaching through James or you can continue the study I have provided.

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