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A Queen's Love Story

Psalm 33:11, "But the Lord’s plans will stand forever; his ideas will last from now on."

There are times you meet a couple, and their love story seems meant to be. They met and fell in love, and you smile in awe of the sweet path they were led on. Then there are some love stories that you hear and are surprised that they are together. Their story came in the most unusual way, yet you still see how their path was meant to be.

Although the Bible is filled with ways that God is leading and directing our lives, there are some stories He inspired the writers to include that make us smile and still see His leading in their path of life. A few stories are those love stories we find ourselves smiling along with and hopefully learning from. Today's story is a well-known story of a couple thrown together in an unusual way where initially we don't see how love could blossom, yet it still does.

We find their story in Esther and it's about a Persian King and a young Jewish girl, forced into a life she did not want. When we begin to read this story, we may wonder how this is a love story. Esther (Hadassah) was taken from her home and forced into a beauty pageant to capture the King's attention in hopes to be chosen queen and not end up just another concubine. Esther had to hide her religion and heritage and from then on, she would be separated from her people and family. Even if the King liked her, she might not like him. It's hard enough for us today when seeking relationships and finding someone we click with, and we get to choose. Imagine how hard it is for her with no choice. I believe the only thing that got Esther through those days before meeting the King was her total faith and trust in God.

Yet, it is in the little things that we see their love story unfold and, in the words, spoken we see the love the King had for Esther, and I believe she too fell in love with him.

The Bible tells us that when she had her night with the King, she captured his heart. He was pleased with her over all the other women and chose her to be his Queen. When the evil plot to kill the King was discovered, Esther chose to warn her husband because she cared for him.

Look at the kindness the King shows when Esther approaches him unannounced in the throne room. Almost any other person would have been killed yet he was pleased to see her, offered his scepter of acceptance then tells her to ask of him for anything and it's hers up to half his Kingdom. When she invites him and Haman to a banquet, he accepts, saying he will do whatever she asks.

When the king finds out the truth of who Esther is (a Jew) and how she was to be killed with the Jews, he did not dismiss her but did what he could to protect her. He even put her uncle Mordecai in charge next to him. To me, the King's words and actions show and speak love, not simply a fondness, and Esther’s demeanor and approach showed respect and devotion to the man she married.

Their story may not be a romantic fairytale from the start kind of love, but in trusting God, Esther was led on a path that God made that led to saving a race of God's people and most likely saved some who worshipped the pagan gods. I'm sure the King's heart was changed when he saw God in action. The Bible doesn't elaborate on what became of them and the path they were on. But we can still learn from their story and find the romance in it.

Here are a few things we can learn from the book of Esther:

- You are where you are for a reason.

- God has a special plan for your life.

- Sometimes you will have to go against common sense, against what others advise even against what you want to do in order to follow God's plan.

- The time to follow God's plan is now.

- Trusting in God completely brings great rewards.

So, if you think you don't have the most romantic fairytale romance or you're still looking for the fairytale, learn from Esther. No matter what situation you're in have faith, trust God, and know God has brought you to where you are for such a time as this.

Why study the Bible? may seem like a silly question, especially if you’re a person who studies it often, but it’s worth considering. Bible study can become a dry or optional habit if we’re not coming to God’s Word for the right reasons. The Word of God is a priceless treasure. It’s true, and it will always be true; it’s enough, and it will always be enough; it’s unchanging, yet it is living and able to speak to each of us. Let's continue to read through Philemon 1:11-16 and let the Lord speak to us and lead us.

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