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A Well Watered Life

"With joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation." -Isaiah 12:3

Getting a glass of water or using water to cook, bathe, or clean is easy in today's world. Most of us simply turn on a tap in our home and have instant water. But has anyone ever found a pump on a park trail or at a beach or park? If so, have you tried to pump water from it? Many of us have tried because it's fun to do but then we are thankful to go back to our homes where we simply turn the handle.

For a moment though imagine with me what it was like to live back when water had to be drawn from a river, well or even a pump. Each day the families would have to get up, carry buckets to their source of water and then carry them back to their homes. I would imagine in the warmer days the water would keep longer but in those cold winter months where everything freezes it probably was a never ending chore. Their only hope of refreshing water was daily going to the well and filling up and then heading onto their daily tasks. Most likely it was a trip made several times throughout the day too.

Even though we don't have to carry buckets of water to and from our homes now, we all still need a well-watered life. Water to refresh, water to exist, water to be clean, we need water.

Do you know Jesus says He is the water of life (John 4:13-14)? When we drink from him we shall never thirst again. Obviously we can't literally drink Jesus but we can gain strength from Him, refreshment from Him and cleansing from Him. We do that by daily living a well-watered life in Him through prayer, through studying scripture, through a constant relationship with Him. But we can't just simply "turn" a tap to have this water. We have to be life the people who had wells and pumps. We need to daily spend time with God going to His well for water and sometimes we need to go to Him several times in one day.

Just like the woman at the well in John 4, she had to go draw physical water from there daily but one day she met Jesus at the well and she found spiritual healing, she found hope and she found Jesus.

We too can find all we need when we go to Jesus and live a well-watered life. Next time you turn your tap for water, try to remember that Jesus is your water of life and when you drink from Him you will never thirst again.

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