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ABC of Faith- Quiet Yourself

God says, “Be still and know that I am God. I will be praised in all the nations; I will be praised throughout the earth.” -Psalm 46:10

From the time your alarm goes off to the time your head hits the pillow at night you are probably busy, busy, busy and the noises never cease to stop. From radios to T.V.'s, a family needing this or that, the traffic on the roads, and the noises at work. In all the business of the world around you, it's hard to find moments of quiet. It's probably hard to find moments to yourself just to hear yourself think. And when you have those precious moments to yourself you interrupt yourself with all the things that need to be done before bed, right? And, if by chance your list of chores happen to be done, you begin to worry and fret over another day's problems.

Now, put away all your thoughts and join me. The sky outside is sunny and warm. Just enough of a breeze to make it feel perfect. We are on a secluded lakeside, maybe a hillside is across from the lake and a cabin sits behind us. As we sit quietly the only noises we hear are the birds, crickets, and frogs. No spouse, no kids, no traffic, and no boss. Just a few ducks on the lake. Are you there with me? Have you found that quiet stillness? In this tranquility can you hear God, feel his presence.

Be still and know that I am God. When we take those moments to quiet ourselves it's easy to remember no matter what we're in the middle of, God's got this. We don't need to worry, we just need to slow down A LOT and make time to find quietness. Once a day, go to your "cabin on the lake" and quiet yourself. Allow God's presence to remind you that He is God and all is under control. Be still and let God in today and everyday.

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