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An Ah-hah Moment

Philippians 4:7 “And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.”

Take a second to think about your most recent ah-hah moment. When you finally connected the dots and you said “Ah-hah!” what insights did you finally have? What did you figure out? It's such a good feeling and you probably have a smile on your face remembering it even now.

Now I want you to take that ah-hah feeling and think about the moment you realized God is alive and present with you, as we talk about Samuel.

When Samuel was a little boy, he grew up in the temple with priest Eli. We can read the story in 1 Samuel 3. One night Samuel and Eli went to bed and three times Samuel was awakened to his name being called. Naturally, Samuel thought it had to be Eli because no one else was in the temple. So, each time Samuel went to see Eli, who said he didn't call and sent Samuel off to bed again. It was on the third awakening by Samuel that Eli had that ah-hah moment. Eli realized it was the very present voice of God speaking directly to Samuel.

Can you imagine the excitement in that moment? Eli, a priest, knew about God and communed with God. But to actually hear the voice of God speaking. Eli knew God had a special message for Samuel indeed. So, Eli sent Samuel back to bed with instructions as to how to answer God when he called again. And again, God spoke, and Samuel responded, “Speak, for your servant is listening.”

We know God is always alive and present and very active in our lives. we believe scripture, we talk with Him daily and God has spoken back in many forms around us. But to have that true ah-hah moment when we truly feel Him or hear His voice or even feel His presence is an ah-hah feeling that is hard to put into words yet turns the corners of our lips upward in a smile.

There've been a few times I've had a great God filled ah-hah moment where I can honestly say I felt God alive and present in my life. It's not an everyday occurrence but I know every day He is here with me. In prayer and times of distress and tears, I have felt His arms around me and have leaned into Him. Another was when a verse in the Bible hit me with an ah-hah. Today's verse Philippians 4:7, without going into detail there was a lot happening in my family and home that should derail any peace one parent should have yet I felt an overwhelming peace that I couldn't explain. I was at peace in my mind and heart because I felt and believed that no matter the storms happening around me, God had it in His hands, and it would all work out. Since then, I truly try not to stress or worry, even though I still do from time to time. But at that moment, reading that verse I had such an ah-hah moment of what the verse was really saying and I'm so thankful for it, at the time and now, because it still gets me through things today.

God is present in our lives daily and talking, we just aren't always expecting or aware of His speaking. When you think God may be calling to you be like Samuel, stop and listen carefully and prayerfully saying, “Speak Lord, for your servant is listening.” Look for those ah-hah moments and thank God that He is very present and active in your daily life.

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