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Baby Steps

“I am the Lord your God, who holds your right hand, and I tell you, ‘Don’t be afraid. I will help you.” - Isaiah 41:13

I remember when our kids first started to walk. It was the first sign of their independence from us, but I loved teaching them. Those first few steps are scary as they let go of any object, they had pulled themselves up to and you could see the uncertainty in their eyes. But I was never far from them sitting there with my arms held open wide with encouraging words. I would never let them fall down as to where they would get hurt, I need them to trust me enough to let go. And as they let go and walked to me their excitement grew with mine as they kept their eyes on me and walked. And within a few steps they would meet my arms with a big open hug. Eventually we would start walking around the house as I would hold their hands helping and guiding them with each step. I would help them down safe paths so they wouldn’t get hurt and they loved each minute of their growing freedom.

This reminds me of a story in the Bible about keeping our eyes focused on Jesus. The disciples were on a boat as night set in and a storm soon appeared tossing them to and fro. They tried fervently to row to shore to no avail. Then before their eyes they saw someone walking towards them on the water. They thought it was a ghost until Jesus told them it was Him. Peter asks if it truly was Jesus then let him come out of the boat to Him. Jesus tells him to come and as Peter steps out onto the crashing waves things look good, he can let go of the boat and walk towards Jesus’ open arms. But quickly fear overtakes him, he takes his eyes off Jesus and begins to sink crying out to Jesus to save him. Of course, Jesus is right there to grab him and help him back on the boat as the storm immediately ends.

Peter began to sink in the water because he lost faith. He took his eyes off Jesus and let the fear of the storm overtake his trust that Jesus would be there to help. Like a baby taking their first steps and having to let go of their security and walk to their parents in trust, we need to let go of our fears and walk to Jesus trusting He will be there to help us.

Jesus’ hands will always be stretched open to catch us, hold our hands guiding us and in storms of like, keeping us above the water. We just have to keep our eyes focused on Him.

So, today go ahead and take those baby steps knowing Jesus is with you, you are never alone.

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