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Bible Reading: See Things Clearly

“Learning your words gives wisdom and understanding for the foolish.”-Psalm 119:130

I needed glasses by the time I was in sixth grade and at first I didn’t really know why, but the difference as soon as they were put on was amazing. All the blurriness became clear. Now I’m pretty much blind as a bat until I put my glasses on and the feeling of being able to see shapes and colors is refreshing. It’s scary when you can’t see and the feeling of being out of control is more overwhelming then one would think.

It has been said hind sight is 20/20 and that is so true. Sometimes when we’re in the middle of a situation we can’t really understand all that is happening or why. We sometimes even lose all our wise thoughts and go speechless or get angry and lash out. But after going through the situation one can usually understand the reasons why and all the right words come to mind. Suddenly we see things clearly.

That is why we’re given the Bible to study and read. It’s not just there for you to look at and we’re not just to hang onto the book and allow our Pastor to feed us scripture. I’ve preached before and the only scripture I give pertains to what I’m talking about. But the Bible is full of so much more and when we really read the scriptures we can begin to see things more clearly and gain greater wisdom. It’s like putting on the glasses and watching the fuzziness go away.

Then when we’re going through a rough situation that 20/20 hind sight is seen clearer and can be handled better. Read your Bible increase your wisdom and gain a clear vision.

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