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Christmas Magic

Isaiah 9:6, “A child has been born to us; God has given a son to us. He will be responsible for leading the people. His name will be Wonderful Counselor, Powerful God, Father Who Lives Forever, Prince of Peace.”

For all of us this can be defined in so many ways. For children it could be the gifts that appear under the tree Christmas morning or the belief in Santa Claus. What makes Christmas magical for others could be the fresh fallen snow that blankets the earth. Maybe the idea of being together with family sharing laughter and stories of years gone by. There are those, like me, who love Christmas lights that light up the neighborhoods and decorate the homes. And for many the magic of Christmas is in the story of Jesus and His birth. No matter our reason there is a special feeling we all get during the Christmas season. Aside from holiday shopping stresses there is a seasons greeting to be found around every corner.

Take a moment to think of your Christmas’ past. Do you remember all the gifts you received growing up? I certainly can’t, but what I do remember is what makes Christmas special to me. It never was the gifts, although my parents may argue. It’s the moments, the memories. One memory I have is our Christmas tree. When we were little enough, I remember laying under the tree and looking up. With the lights and ornaments it was a cool sight and now that I’m older I think it also could have been relaxing and mesmerizing. Another one is each year my siblings and I would do one special gift for our parents which usually involved creativity because we had no money of our own. One year I remember we put together a play for them. While they were at work, we made the props and stage sets and put together the music and script. This tradition never changed and once we had our own children the gift became for the grandparents and as almost all the grandchildren are adults now, they still are carrying on the tradition. Finally, my favorite part of Christmas magic aside from the story of Jesus, is family. It’s not the gifts, yes, they are nice, it’s the quality time with loved ones. Nothing can replace family and with almost all my grandparents now gone, those memories are treasured in my heart over any gift at Christmas.

Setting aside the gifts, the traditions, the festivities and what the world celebrates for Christmas I believe the magic of Christmas can be summed up in one word, LOVE. Love began all those years ago in a stable in Bethlehem. Because God loved us so much and believed in us, He send His only child, His Son, from the comfort and security of His protection and home in heaven to this earth. An earth where we showed hatred, shed innocent blood, turned from God. An earth where He knew Jesus would be ridiculed, face torture and a horrible death of the cross. Yet because God and Jesus loved this world and its inhabitants, Jesus came, born a helpless baby to a poor family. Jesus came out of love for mankind to bring salvation to each of us. Out of love the angels filled the sky sharing the news of Jesus and out of love the shepherds left their sheep to go praise this newborn King. Out of love the Wise Men traveled to bring gifts to honor their Savior. And out of love Jesus grew, preached of His Father, and died on the cross for you and me.

On that still and starry night the Prince of Peace was born. Born to redeem a world lost in sin. Born to bestow peace to the troubled hearts. Born to give the hope and promise of salvation to all who choose to follow Him. A promise to be fulfilled from creation that, although in a world of sadness, sin and evil, God will come again and restore Eden.

Christmas brings all different kinds of magic for each of us, and we will continue to find those moments of joy and peace and grow wonderful memories. But, for everyone the true magic is what Jesus came to fulfill when God send Him to be born in a manger and raised by Mary and Joseph. Love, love for everyone. This Christmas, enjoy the festivities and family and friends. Open gifts, share laughs, and make memories. But in your heart also remember why we celebrate Jesus’ birth. In the midst of the celebrating don’t forget to give glory to God and look to our Prince of Peace for comfort, hope, protection, and salvation. For Jesus truly in the reason for the season.

As we close out 2022 I just want to thank all my readers for sticking with me and supporting me in this ministry. I hope you all have found many blessings through the year and a closer walk with God as you have allowed Him to lead in your life. May this new year bring lots of joy, laughter, and blessings in all you do. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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