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John 16:33, “I told you these things so that you can have peace in me. In this world you will have trouble, but be brave! I have defeated the world.”

Have you ever had a day where the clouds covered the sky and you know the sun is supposed to come out, so you expectantly watch and wait. If the sun does happen to peek through the clouds and show some blue sky, you get excited because you know the gloom of the clouds will be gone. What about the days the sun is shining but much of it is covered with the fluffy clouds? You see some of the yellow but what can be more spectacular are the rays shooting beyond the clouds lighting up the sky in a different way. I love the sunshine the most but seeing the rays beyond the clouds, outlining the clouds with different colors is a close second.

Clouds get such a bad rep because so many want to see blue skies rather than the gloom of the cloud covered sky. They prefer the sunny days, expecting good weather when it appears. What we sometimes fail to remember is that sometimes God reveals certain glories that cannot be seen unless the cloud appears.

When we feel the gloom of heartache or grief, we also have the comfort of God. When the clouds and life are heavy with pain, failures, or we feel we can't see God through the gray, that is when God reveals His grace. When we are weak, we are promised God’s strength. Sometimes it is on the cloudy days that we can see the rays of God’s love the most.

Nobody wants the cloudy days, but sometimes those are the times we can see God working in us. Behind the cloud is the sun, promising better days ahead. Jesus said there will be cloudy days we will have to get through but, He also promised us that we will overcome because He overcame. If you feel the cloud of gloom over you rejoice and be of good cheer. God's grace, strength, and comfort will be with you until the sun appears again.

Then one day, and this is the best part. One day, when the clouds overcome us, and the world is in complete chaos, and we feel we can't endure any more trials, behind the clouds is our Living Savior, Jesus, God’s Son. He will descend from heaven, split apart the clouds and with the host of heavens angels, Jesus will come to take us home with Him. When I see the light of the sun's rays shooting out from behind the clouds, I am reminded of how beautiful that day will be when Jesus comes again.

Clouds don't always have to be about the gloom, they can remind us that there are better days to come, and the sun will shine brightly again. We just have to believe and have faith in the Son.

Reading the Bible can be so inspiring and can help us learn so many new and wonderful things about Jesus and His love for us. I have stated in many of my past blogs the wonderful benefits we can gain from reading scripture daily. We have also spent many weeks on different books in the Bible and I hope you have been able to join me and have grown with Jesus and gained so much greater understanding and strength. We have spent the last few weeks starting to read through Hebrews and today we will continue with reading Hebrews chapter 5.

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