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Acts 3:19 “So you must change your hearts and lives! Come back to God, and he will forgive your sins. Then the Lord will send the time of rest.”

Recently my daughter and I went to my basement to do some long overdue cleaning. Over the last four years it has become easy to just set things down there to get it out of the way. The problem came with the idea of “just” setting it down there instead of taking the time to organize and actually toss out some of it. I used to be more of a pack rat then I am now and have a hard time just getting rid of something. After all, everything has some sentimental value, right? Needless to say, as the kids have been growing and de-cluttering their rooms or I want to hang onto it, the basement becomes the place. As the room filled and we moved and re-moved items to get around or find something it got to be that I really didn’t like going down there because it was a mess.

Now, after some reorganizing and de-cluttering I find myself smiling whenever the door is open and I need to get something, find something, or put something away. My youngest too, has set up a little hang out area in the middle of the area with our extra chairs and a table we have stored down there. She also added some blankets to hide my stuff. And with it clean my youngest can keep her guinea pigs safely, down there. Oh, I’m positive within a few years it will be a mess again, especially with my kids moving out with all their stored stuff, but for now I’m smiling.

We probably all have spaces in our homes like my basement. An extra room, the attic, the garage, the kitchen, the bedroom, the office area. Every now and then a good de-cluttering can give us a good feeling and make our workspace more efficient.

It’s not just our homes that could use a good cleaning though. Maybe it’s our souls too. We might have some fears, bitterness, anger, self-pity, self-interests, resentment, even un-forgiveness that has built up over time. If we don’t do some de-cluttering, we could be like the shelf that came crashing down.

One night soon after we had moved into one of our homes, my hubby and I settled into sleep. At some point we were jolted awake by a loud crash. Both of us began looking around our home. The kid’s rooms, the basement, the kitchen, outside, nothing. Although uneasy we fell back asleep and when I went to get my clothes from the closet the next day we found our answer. I had piled too much on one of the shelves and it couldn’t hold anymore. Now I had a mess of books, clothes and more on the floor.

Over time when we allow things to stack onto each other without a little de-cluttering, we could easily fall like the shelf and make a bigger mess. Things can eventually be fixed but sometimes the damage can leave scar. When we get rid of some of those things that build up strife in our souls, we will be left with a smile and a more efficient workspace.

Do you feel your soul cluttered today with some piled-on negativity? Right now, we are facing not only some frustrations with covid-19 and the last few months but to add to everything our country is facing riots and prejudices on all sides. Then we have our own family issues piling up along with everything else. I believe we could all de-clutter at least one thing in our lives daily, before it builds into something bigger. And, the best source to go to for help is not a maid service, it’s our Lord and Savior. He will toss them into the deepest depths of the sea. This is a promise we can smile about.

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