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Do You Have Time Now?

"Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If you hear my voice and open the door, I will come in and eat with you, and you will eat with me.' -Revelation 3:20

We all have found it hard to make time for God. There’s always been excuses. I have my job I have to get to. The children need my attention. I have a household to take care of, groceries, laundry, cooking, cleaning. I just need five more minutes to unwind. There are probably some other things you could add to the list too. Before we know it, the day is over, and we didn’t make time for God yet again.

With all our world in going through I have read many jokes and quotes. This one has stuck in my mind though. “The kids are out of school. Your job has closed down for now. You are in a stay at home lock-down. Do you have time for me now?” -God

Well, it seems we all have time on our hands that we didn’t before. Homes are getting cleaned and families are getting good quality time together. And through all this our faith and trust in God hopefully is strong and growing. Now there should be no excuses. Now we have lots of time on our hands. How are you using it?

Today, let’s learn 7 new ways to spend time with God.

1. Discover which way you connect with God best.

- We all are different and connect to things in different ways. Some read and learn others answer questions and learn. Some connect with God in nature, others through song. Try some ways that work with you and God and use the time.

2. Take a good look at your schedule.

- That’s been cleared up a little more now. Maybe put your phone down, turn off the TV that kills time and spend the time with God.

3. Spend time with God in the morning.

- Although sleeping in is great. Try to stay on your work schedule and talk with God instead of preparing for work.

4. Choose quality instead of quantity.

- It’s not about spending hours in devotions or scripture it’s the quality you get from it. If it’s just one chapter or a few verses allow God to teach you and share with you.

5. Do a combination of Bible and Prayer.

- Open scripture and pray it. Search scripture for answers or for help for others and pray the scripture.

6. Start small.

- No one said go big or go home. Anytime with God will bless you in big ways. Start with a verse or two, a small devotion. Just take time with God even if it’s small.

7. Stick with it so making time with God becomes a habit.

- You brush your teeth without thinking. Tie your shoes, eat meals. Habits are formed by repeating the same thing over and over. Making time for Jesus should come just as easily. The benefit, more time with Jesus is always good for our health and attitudes toward life.

It might not be the ideal situation we are in to grow our time with Jesus, but this is where we are. And with your kids home it’s also a great way to get them more involved with Jesus. There are no excuses at any time and God is waiting for us with no excuses.

This is another story I found that I want to leave you with.

A Family in Lock-down- 40 days, 40 nights in the Ark, Noah’s family was confined in a boat. There were no windows, no balconies, no terraces, no internet, no phone, no YouTube, no FaceBook or Netflix. They only heard the rain. They spend their time praying, loving each other and caring for animals. God the Father took care of them as Noah was a man of faith and obeyed His word. Remember even though there is out there an ocean of viruses and life seems like a stormy ride, our God is watching over us! Don’t be afraid! Be faithful to Him and wait patiently. The rain will stop one day. A rainbow will shine and all will be well again.

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