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Eggs & Prayers

Habakkuk 2:3 “It is not yet time for the message to come true, but that time is coming soon; the message will come true. It may seem like a long time, but be patient and wait for it, because it will surely come; it will not be delayed.”

Every year we have some birds making nests on our lights over our garage. I usually don't get to see the eggs because the nests and before I know it the eggs hatch and the birds gone. This year I got to enjoy the birds, nests, and eggs because a Mama bird made her nest on our log pile. I could watch and see it unfold. Unfortunately, I can be impatient and watching and waiting can be hard. I was excited to see the eggs hatch into babies and wash the cycle unfold. Eventually the eggs hatched, and we got to cautiously look at the babies and watch them grow. I missed their flight from the nest but got to enjoy God's creation for a few weeks.

Thinking about the eggs and having to wait patiently I was reminded about our prayer lives. Many times, we can ask for things in prayer and can't wait for the answer. Arthur Catherine Marshall wrote, “Prayer like eggs, don't hatch as soon as we lay them.”

The Prophet Habakkuk had to also learn to wait patiently. We read in Habakkuk 2:3 the Lord tells him to wait for things to happen, they will happen at the appointed time. Daniel too had spent time in prayer waiting for God to deliver a few times in scripture.

I've had to learn, in my walk with God, that not all my prayers will be answered right away. The Lord at times has answered quickly but like waiting for the baby eggs, I have had to wait at times too. And even though I may not understand why and want the answers now, I have had to learn, like Daniel and Habakkuk that God's appointed time is the right time. We need to learn that God's time neither hastes nor delays.

Like the baby eggs, some things need time to wait. Time for growth, time to learn a lesson, time for God to work behind the scenes making sure everything is lined up perfectly. And when the time is right it is oh, so much sweeter.

Today, if you are finding yourself in the midst of waiting for your prayers to be answered. Open your mind and heart to hearing the voice of God and what He is trying to teach you. Trust His perfect timing and wait patiently in faith. If your prayers are finding answers quickly praise God and find ways to encourage others in their faith and trust. We all serve the One true God who cares for us all, we are in this together.

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