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Fame & Fortune or Humble Roots- Part 1

Philippians 2:3 "When you do things, do not let selfishness or pride be your guide. Instead, be humble and give more honor to others than to yourselves."

This weeks blogs are going to be a little different. When I sat down to write this one it was quite apparent it was going to be longer than my normal blogs. So, to keep things smooth and not lengthy I have decided to make it two parts. Today we will look at a story of two boys in a small town and Thursday we will finish the story from a Biblical view.

Have you ever tried to remove a tree from around your home or a friend’s home? We have done it twice now at our home. The first one was a smaller tree and although it took some work, we were able to get it out of the ground. The second one, well, let’s just say we worked on it the best we could and had to cave and pay for stump removal. It didn’t matter how much pulling, pushing, or digging we did it refused to budge. I’m not sure how long it had been growing but its roots were very deep, and it wasn’t going anywhere until we got a stump remover to take it away.

Let me share a story with you about roots. There were two young men, let’s say in their twenties. Both cute in their own way and who grew up in the same town, probably went to the same church and school. Both friendly and although not the talk of the town, they had good groups of friends.

One day a casting director came to town looking for actors in a week-long play that would be viewed worldwide. Both young men tried out and got a couple of the parts. One of them got casted as a main character where he'd be able to sing many solos and have many lines while the other was casted as a narrator and had only a song or two to sing. We will call the main actor Jack, who was also the better looking of the two, and our narrator Mark, who although was attractive, he was not as good-looking as Jack.

Both men left their small town, and the play was produced, and they were headed home. Everyone was excited to see the play which was to be shown for an entire week. The town celebrated by holding a viewing in the town hall for everyone to see.

Jack proudly stood in the back with his friends, happy they all could watch him take center stage. He thought he was something special now as he had such an important role. Meanwhile, Mark took a seat among the crowd not sure how he felt about the world seeing and hearing his debut.

The first couple of nights were a success and the town was happy for the young men. Word soon spread to the surrounding towns that Jack and Mark were back home, and the town was holding a showing of the play each night. Now Jack, was good looking and as the play continued girls began to notice him more and more and began to swoon over him. People began to take more notice of both men, Jack more than Mark, yet both were asked for autographs, pictures and every so often would be invited to visit other places to speak or maybe help in a local play.

By the end of the week their fame had grown, a couple of producers had taken notice, their bank accounts had grown, and many people now knew who Jack and Mark were. Jack took to it like a moth to a flame, loving every bit of the attention he received. He truly thought he had hit the big time and things could only go up from there. When Jack stood in the back of the room each night, he beamed each time he was on stage.

Mark on the other hand was thankful for the opportunity, happy to talk with whoever took the time with him. He smiled with each picture but was glad when things were calmer, and he could just spend quiet time with his friends and family. He too believed things could only get better from there but was happy either way. He was nice on the eyes and although some girls took more notice, he chose to spend time with his circle of friends. Each night he sat amongst the town with his close friends, Sarah being among them. Unlike Jack who beamed and stood proud each time he was on stage, Mark found himself shyly hiding his face, towards Sarah, which always made her laugh.

On the final night, Sarah got up to grab a snack at the back of the auditorium, while the play was finishing. Jack was on stage, and she had had enough of watching him on stage and around town. When she got to the back, she caught Jack looking her way with a sly grin on his face. When he noticed her glance, he gave a charming wink, that he now gave all the girls who looked his way. She rolled her eyes and joined Mark again. Noticing the disdainful look on her face, Mark asked her what was wrong, to which Sarah shared that she was glad it was the final night of the play, because Jack's ego did not need any more boosting. He might be good looking and a good actor, but he had become someone different.

After the last show both men were interviewed at the same time in different areas of the town. Here is what Jack had to say, “I knew one day I was meant for something bigger. This place showed me that the world has many opportunities for me and that I can make something out of my voice that will reach thousands. I will pursue this path and see where it will lead. Lookout Hollywood there is a new star rising.”

Mark said, “I am thankful for the opportunity I was given to share a talent I have with others. I am grateful for my town and all the support they have given and for how they have helped me grow to be who I am today. I'm not sure if this will be my pursuit now, but if it is I will always remember where my beginning started, here among friends and family.”

So why this story. What am I getting at with Jack and Mark? Stay tuned for Thursday to hear the answer along with what Jesus is teaching us about roots. For today I would like to share a couple Bible verses about keeping our roots planted in Jesus, He is our source of life and through Him we are nourished and grow to be stronger Christians. Through Him we can face the battles each day Satan throws at us and won't be uprooted because we are holding onto Jesus. When we remember Jesus is our source of everything we will have a better chance of turning away satan and all the glitz and glamor he offers in this world.

Last week we ended with doing our own Bible research of who God is and how is has been in our lives. I hope you were able to find time to dig into the Bible and learn more about what an awesome God we serve. Today we will continue our study with 1 Corinthians 6:1-11. I hope you find blessings and a greater understanding of God's Word as you take time with Him each day to dig deeper in the Bible and letting your roots go further.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog and if you'd like take a few more minutes to look around or click on my other links, God bless.

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