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Flowers or Weeds

"God loves righteousness and justice; The earth is full of the goodness of the Lord."

-Psalm 33:5

There is a place close to Niagara Falls in Canada called the Botanical Gardens. I have had a chance to visit there in the full bloom of August one year. It is beautiful as you enter the gardens as you are welcomed by the clock you see in the picture. Multiple flowers make the face of the clock as huge metal arms keep the time.

Walking through the gardens and the various flowers is very calming. There are walls of flowers, pathways with flowers and even arches of color mixed with green. If you ever have a chance to visit a botanical garden or even just a flower garden in full bloom, make sure you have a camera to capture everything you see.

Walking through these types of gardens I am always at awe. With the many variations of shape and designs and the numerous shades of color, I can't help but be reminded of God's hand at creation. He chose each flower to bloom it's color and designs giving each of them their own purpose yet all serving one goal, pollination. Walking through the gardens can help one feel uplifted and refreshed as you pause to smell the fragrances and take a moment to reflect with God.

But for some they don't see the flowers in bloom or smell the refreshing scents. For some, while walking through a garden they can only see the weeds or the fallen petals of a withering flower. Maybe they can only see the work one has to do to get the beauty of the flowers. They choose to focus on all the negative instead of the splendor.

Isn't it that way sometimes in our own lives? God has given us some beautiful things in this world and He has even blessed our lives in many ways. But there are times we miss out on the blessings in front of us because we are so focused on the weeds from our past. Instead of focusing on what is good and praising God for what we do have, we can only see the mess we went through or are going through.

All that can be changed when we choose to change our perspective. Yes, we all have a past and some of it was a struggle. We just need to remember God had us in the past and He has us now. No matter the weeds in the garden, we can look beyond them and see the beauty knowing God created us for a purpose and will use us to fulfill that purpose if we only just allow Him into our hearts and lives. Today, take a walk through your garden and thank the Lord for all your beautiful blessings and overlook any weeds that might be poking through.

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