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For Such a Time as This

"He has made everything beautiful in its time." Ecclesiastes 3:11a

You just happen to pick up your phone as it rings, or you walk into the kitchen just as the timer goes off. Maybe you turn into the parking lot just as the ideal parking space clears or you cross the railroad tracks just before the bar goes down stopping traffic. There are many things in life that we do where we find ourselves saying, ‘Wow, that was perfect timing’. Usually these just happen by coincidence, yet other incidents are in God’s timing for our protection. For instance, you could be having car trouble or running late but God could be keeping you from an accident. Can you think of a few more times that God would be protecting you because of timing?

God has a thing about time and is big on how we use our time. He could have created the world in one day but chose six days and added a day of rest. He could have sent the flood in 100 years but chose to wait 120 years. He could have sent David to defeat Goliath in 10 days, but it was 40 days before David showed up. Again, perfect timing, as David could have come in the middle of the night but instead showed up when Goliath was shouting.

Mordecai said it right when he told Queen Esther, “God’s time neither haste’s nor delays.” His time is perfect timing, not too soon and never too late. So, have you been helping with the time God’s given you? Maybe, you’ve had ideas on how you can help spread the gospel. With technology as it is, it’s easier to share Jesus. Online study groups, blogs, a FaceBook page dedicated to uplifting others and Jesus. Chats with friends once a week. Play groups for your kids where you take time sharing Jesus. Something as simple as family worship or personal Bible studies. A church cookie exchange or teatime with the ladies at church. Maybe right now is more challenging but it can be figured out while maintaining distancing. We are all smart and if we have the love of Jesus in our lives, we all have the desire to share Jesus with others. We are even called to be faithful witnesses -Matthew 28:19-20.

All of our ideas are good, but have you thought, ‘I just don’t have the time’ or ‘I’m scared of what will happen to me’. We know Queen Esther was scared, what would have happened if Noah didn’t step up? David was most likely terrified. What if Joshua couldn’t find the time or Moses wouldn’t have taken the time to deal with Pharaoh. Let’s make this closer to home, what if this sinful world, you and I, stopped being worth God’s time? God, many times, had the opportunity to wipe this world clean but He loves us more than anything and will always make time to save us. It is because of the great men and women in the Bible who took the time, used the time, made the time that we can stand today claiming God and claiming ‘I am a Christian and I serve God.’

We all have time on our hands now more than ever before as we all stay at home. Take the ideas you’ve been mulling around in your head and allow God’s timing to put them in motion. Because, as wise Mordecai also said, “If you remain silent at this time, God will use someone else.”

You might think that’s okay, but the hard truth remains. We all will face Jesus in the last day and we will all have to answer for our choices. If a door of opportunity has opened for you to share Jesus and you turn away, what will your answer be when Jesus asks you why?

God has perfect timing for all of us and we all have been gifted differently to use those gifts to spread the gospel. In this time of staying at home use the time you have to share Jesus. Share Jesus with your family as you fully lean on him to survive the stress, frustrations, and craziness, and use the technology at your fingertips to share Jesus with others. Ask God to help you get creative and think outside of the box. Because, maybe just maybe, God has called you for such a time as this.

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