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From Paper Crowns to Royal Crowns- Part 1

2 Timothy 4:8 "Now, a crown is being held for me --a crown for being right with God. The Lord, the judge who judges rightly, will give the crown to me on that day --not only to me but to all those who have waited with love for him to come again."

For as long as I can remember Burger King has carried paper crowns. When you were younger do you remember grabbing the crowns and putting them on? Even as a teenager it was fun to wear the crowns with your friends. I still remember grabbing them for my kids when they were little, and daddy also had to have his crown. There was always a feeling of royalty and importance when we placed those crowns on our heads, even if it was in a simple restaurant.

This got me thinking about royalty and the Bible. There were kings, queens, princes, and princesses that ruled the nations, but as we read through scripture, we learn that God considers all who choose and follow Him part of royalty. 1 Peter even tells us we are part of a royal priesthood. Because we all are children of God, His creation, and He is King of Kings, we all are privileged to be in the lineage of royalty.

Now, when you put on that crown did you pretend to act more royal? What does royal mean to you? As royalty there is a higher expectancy of them verses the common man. Their mannerism, their words, their actions speak class and sophistication. If that is how royals are and we are royalty as a Christian, shouldn’t we too carry ourselves in the same manner? Maybe even more, as a Christian representing God. Romans 12:9-21 is a great starting point to learning how God wants His children to act as Christians. Let’s break it down.

1. Your love must be real. Hate what is evil and hold onto what is good. -verse 9

There is so much around us that is full of evil or of this world. As Christians we must turn from all that and yet show a genuine love for all of those we come across, that are caught in the sin. Hate the sin not the sinner as we all are sinners.

2. Love each other like brothers and sisters. Give each other more honor than you want for yourselves. -verse 10

Even when we fight with our siblings, we love them and have each other’s backs. Those around us should receive the same love, the Bible goes as far as to say honor them over your own self. Think of them and their needs over your own.

3. Do not be lazy but work hard serving the Lord with all your heart. -verse 11

Even if we are royalty in God, we still need to go about doing the Lord’s will. Royals still have jobs to do and are busy. We need to be busy ourselves, doing as God asks.

4. Be joyful because you have hope. Be patient when trouble comes and pray at all times. -verse 12

This world is falling apart. Even when surrounded by all this grief and fighting we can be happy because of the promise of the hope of salvation. And through this time, we can find peace when we pray, at all times.

5. Share with God’s people who need help. Bring strangers in need into your home.

-verse 13

Okay, it is more difficult to bring strangers into your home in the world we live in but that doesn’t mean we can’t be kind to strangers. Help in some way when we see a need in others. By our action’s others will see Jesus though us.

Stay tuned come Thursday we will see more about our life in Jesus and how we can learn to be more like Him with our own royal crowns.

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