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Mark 16:15-16a “Jesus said to his followers, “Go everywhere in the world, and tell the Good News to everyone. 16 Anyone who believes and is baptized will be saved.”

Who doesn't like to hear good news? When someone tells you, they have good news and bad news, and ask what you want to hear first, people usually don’t want to hear the bad news. Good news makes us happy. Good news can be a cause for celebration. Good news is simply good and we all like to hear good things.

We are told to go and preach the gospel of Jesus. In simple terms gospel is defined as “good news”. The message of salvation, justification, sanctification and ultimately glorification. It is the teaching of Christ. But to be able to teach and share Jesus to others we must fully believe and understand it ourselves, for ourselves. Not because that is what we have been taught as kids or because our families are Christians. Because we ourselves have developed a relationship with Jesus, He lives in our hearts and now we want to share Him with others. Let's look at the word gospel in a new way.

G-Grace, Ephesians 2:8-9 “I mean that you have been saved by grace through believing. You did not save yourselves; it was a gift from God. It was not the result of your own efforts, so you cannot brag about it.” We all need to understand God's free and unmerited favor.

--- Plain and simple we all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. But God loves us like a parent loves their children and wants to give us good things, gifts. One of those is grace. If your child accidentally breaks your favorite vase you forgive them and give them another chance, you realize they made a mistake. That is how Christ is with us, He forgives knowing we're not perfect and gives us another chance to do better, that's grace.

O-Opportunities, Colossians 4:3 “Also pray for us that God will give us an opportunity to tell people his message. Pray that we can preach the secret that God has made known about Christ. This is why I am in prison.” Once we accept the fact that Jesus is a gift to us, the next step is to begin sharing the gospel. Pray that God will open many doors of opportunity for his work to go further.

--- I've said it before and it's worth repeating. Once we accept Jesus, He gives us our spiritual gifts to use for Him. Not everyone will preach or sing. Some are better at prayer while others can talk to people, with ease. Our prayers should always be that the Lord will give us every opportunity to share His message using the gifts He gives each of us.

S-Salvation, 1 Timothy 2:1-4 “First, I tell you to pray for all people, asking God for what they need and being thankful to him. Pray for rulers and for all who have authority so that we can have quiet and peaceful lives full of worship and respect for God. This is good, and it pleases God our Savior, who wants all people to be saved and to know the truth. Pray for many people to come to know Jesus.

--- Jesus has one will, Salvation for all men. He came so we could have a life with Him, an opportunity for a home in heaven. Remember for all people. Sharing the good news should become easier when it's fulfilling Jesus’ mission and showing others the way to salvation.

P-Power, Acts 4:29 “And now, Lord, listen to their threats. Lord, help us, your servants, to speak your word without fear.” Pray for God to grant you boldness in speaking the word of God.

--- I'm actually not a bold person when it comes to speaking to others, especially people I don't know. I will do it, but I've only gotten bolder over the last few years. You could easily say Peter and Paul knew how to preach it, right? I believe it's because they were teaching and sharing such a wonderful message. They had a passion for Jesus in what He'd done and wanted others to know it. I may not be bold but when I begin talking about Jesus our Savior, I come alive and try to help others see what I've seen and learned. So, we pray for the bold power to share the gospel.

E-Encouragement, 1 Thessalonians 5:11 “So encourage each other and give each other strength, just as you are doing now.” Pray God will help you build up your peers by your words and actions.

--- It's not enough just to say it we need to let our actions show Jesus too. One way to help others is by encouragement. We all have down days; we've all felt disconnected from God. When we encourage others through their struggles it not only gives them strength, but it can strengthen your walk with God too. One way to show encouragement is to share the good news. Show Jesus throughout the Bible and help others grow.

L-Love, 1 Thessalonians 3:12 “May the Lord make your love grow more and multiply for each other and for all people so that you will love others as we love you.” Pray you will demonstrate God's love to everyone.

--- 1 John 4 tells us God is love and if we have God living in us, we will be full of love too. Even with the worst of people when we show them love or even compassion, they have the chance to see Jesus living in you. What better way to spread the gospel and to show the Jesus you know, than by sharing it with love.

Today tell everyone that you have good news to share and share the GOSPEL.

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