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God’s Abundance

“The Lord will open up his heavenly storehouse so that the skies send rain on your land at the right time, and he will bless everything you do. You will lend to other nations, but you will not need to borrow from them.” -Deuteronomy 28:12

Sometimes when we grow a vegetable garden, we have an abundance of many vegetables. For instance, tomatoes grow in abundance and, unless you really like tomatoes, you are looking to give them away. A friend of ours grows an abundance of corn each year and by the end of fall they are just giving it away, so it won’t go bad. Having an abundance of anything means to have considerably more than what one would expect or anticipate.

God is like that, He has an abundance of things to give us. When we choose to be a Christian, God freely gives us more than we need of good things.

Abundant GRACE to save us- Romans 5:20: Grace is unmerited favor from God. Through His grace we have the promise of salvation and blessings beyond measure.

Abundant POWER to energize us- Colossians 1:11: We all need extra energy now and again. God can and will give us the boost we need.

Abundant LIFE to equip us- John 10:10: As Christians we are asked to share the gospel of Jesus. He will help equip us with what we need.

Abundant PEACE to quiet us- Colossians 3:15: Through all your chaos God will give you moments of peace and quiet. Take those moments to renew your strength with Jesus.

Abundant JOY to gladden us- Philippians 1:26: Joy can be found in the simplest things. A child’s laugh, a rainbow, a silly joke. God fills our days with joy enough to lift our spirits and bring a smile to our face.

Abundant PARDON to forgive us- Isaiah 55:7: No matter how many times we fail God or fall in sin, when we go to God for forgiveness, He is always ready to give it.

Go to God daily and happily receive what He has to give because He wants to give it to us. He has plenty to share with everyone and it will help us with our Christian walk with Him and help us share Jesus with others.

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