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God’s Keys in Our Spiritual Pocket

Psalm 91:11, "For he will order his angels to protect you wherever you go."

Almost all of us have heard the saying, ‘When one door closes, another one opens.’ Usually this goes along with the belief that God, when we ask Him, will lead us through the right doors.

     Keys are pretty important. We need keys to drive our cars. We use them to get into our homes or workplace. Keys are used on our safes and so much more.

     As much as we use these keys there are three keys we don't use as much as we should. These three keys should be used all the time keeping the doors wide open. As Christians our spiritual walk is important and keeping these three keys in our spiritual pocket keeps us close to our Savior and will help us through life. When we feel a door close, we can pull out God's keys for the answers and His leading.


     The Faith Key: This is our small gold key, maybe like the ones we use in mailboxes. What does a mailbox bring us? Sometimes we receive letters, sometimes bills, maybe local news or happenings in our area. With this key we have access to all kinds of information. When we hold these envelopes, we are pretty sure we can handle any information they contain. Faith is the key that helps us handle any kind of news, good or bad. Faith is knowing that no matter what comes at us, we can receive it with positive hope because we 100% know God's already got a handle on it.


F orwarding                                                    F ully

A ll                                                                  A nd

I ssues                       because you                I nevitably

T o                                                                  T rust

H eaven                                                          H im (God)


     Faith fits nicely with your…


     Prayer Key: Prayer opens many doors. Add faith to prayer and watch amazing things happen. Have you ever noticed that some doors require two different keys for two different locks? Europe is popular for them. It's like an extra layer of protection. Facing life, we at times need an extra layer of protection. Faith and prayer combined give us that, and when we trust God to lead us to the right door, we are met with great treasures inside. When you seek God in prayer you are saying you have faith He will lead in the right direction. God can, will, and has done mighty things for those who go to Him in earnest, faith filled prayers.


S peak - the Word and hide it in your heart

H umble - your mind and body

A ctivate - your faith, belief, and trust in God

L isten - know and hear His voice

O bey - follow instructions and guidance received during prayer

M editate - on His glory and fulfilled promises


“Now this is the confidence that we have in Him, that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us.”- 1 John 5:14


     With our faith and prayer keys in hand we can be led to our third key


     The Praise Key: The enemy can't stand praise so he will do everything to get you to misplace this key, even more, lose it. The enemy knows the Lord promises to dwell in His people when they praise Him. So carry your praise key at all times. It brings God to the scene faster than anything else. Day and night praise opens doors that no one can shut. Praise is your protection and keeps you in God's comfort zone.


P resses us into God, perfecting peace

R eroutes us away from the enemy

A cts as a conduit for God

I nitiates soul changes

S oaks us in God’s presence

E mpowers God’s power


     Now we are not only to carry these three keys with us. There is also a master key that can open more doors than you know. The love key; God's love for us. The Bible tells us God is love and when we love, God lives in us.


     Life will bring hardships, struggles, and trials. Doors will close we thought we were meant to go through. There will be bad news at times, but with these keys in our pocket the enemy can't win, and we will be able to keep moving forward. We are God's children, and He will provide the best for us even in what seems impossible. Have faith, pray always, praise God and let His love live in you today and always.

God has promised us that He is with us through all situations. The best way we can fully be assured of His love and promises is to read His Word. In the pages we can learn about who God is, what He does for us, and what we have to look forward to. In the pages of the Bible we can find our spiritual keys and learn how to hold on to them and how to use them. Let's continue our study Anchored in Christ even during our times of grief.

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