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God's Phone Number

Jeremiah 33:3 “Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.”

Having children has been one of the best choices God has given me. The second has been the opportunity of being a stay-at-home mom ninety percent of their lives. Being that way, we have done many things together and with dad working nights the evenings were my kids and me time. One thing we've enjoyed, especially my oldest, is playing games together and even as an adult she and my youngest will pull out the games.

As a stay at home mom I have been very involved in their lives and my personality has always been to talk things out with my kids. When they were younger and mad, they hated talking things out with me and as older teenagers we fought through many emotions and feelings, but we still talked. Now that they're older I miss the days of “mommy” and treasure the moments when we talk. My oldest is the most talkative, especially during games. My son is more closed off, but he likes quiet evenings when no one else is around (especially his sisters) to talk, and talk he does. I listen contently, glad for those moments. With my youngest, the older she gets the more she talks with me. At only seventeen she doesn't always like me involved in her life but as we homeschool and spend more time together, she is opening up more and more.

For myself and my children I love the relationship we have built together and treasure all our moments (okay maybe not the pulling out my hair moments). When I feel we haven't spent much time together I will go sit with them in front of the TV or for the girls I can pull out the games and we can talk about the things happening in their lives.

The other special person aside from my hubby that I like talking with is my mother. We talk at least once a day and see how each other is doing. Other times we talk, just to talk, or I need to vent or share or get advice. Every so often we miss a day or two but even if it's just a few minutes I'm glad we can talk.

Jeremiah 33:3, God's phone number, reminds us that God too likes to talk with us. He is our creator and we are his children. Like I enjoy conversations with my children God enjoys hearing from us. And, He promises us that when we talk, He will tell us great and mighty things. Things we don't know. I like that idea.

Like you “hang out” with your children, you should take time daily to spend with God. As you lovingly like to guide your children with help and advice, God wants to walk with us and share many things. Above all He wants to help make your life easier as this world is a tough place. So, how 'bout today take ahold of God's number and spend time talking.

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