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God’s Turnabout

Isaiah 61:3, “And to help the sorrowing people of Jerusalem. I will give them a crown to replace their ashes, and the oil of gladness to replace their sorrow, and clothes of praise to replace their spirit of sadness. Then they will be called Trees of Goodness, trees planted by the Lord to show his greatness.”

What is on your agenda today? Do you have your normal routines and schedules already lined up? Is your focus only on today and the past behind you or are you still carrying some of yesterday into today?

Although we have been told to always put our tomorrows behind us because we can't change what has happened (yes, I've said it too), I've learned that our days are woven together in a unique way from our yesterday to today. Yesterday's disappointments, pain, and sorrow along with our victories and blessings, become today's agenda from God.

Were you rejected or hurt by someone yesterday? Then God's agenda for you today is restoration and reconciliation.

Did you find yourself sick or injured yesterday? Your healing is on your agenda today.

Did you have disappointment or have a bad day or received some bad news? Today is your day for hope and good news.

Were you struck with disaster or face stress and worry? Your agenda for today is to find time for recovery and rejuvenation.

Did you fail in some way yesterday? Thank God His agenda for you today is a second chance!

Last night did you go to bed with yesterday's worries, frustrations, or heartache? Good news! Today's agenda holds the hope for a reversal of that “trouble”. God's work in our lives is of a redemptive nature. God can turn our losses into victories, our sorrows into gladness, and our discouragement into reasons for praise.

Isaiah tells us we will become like great “trees of righteousness when we allow God’s process to firmly root us in his goodness”. Like a tree planted by the water, no matter what strikes us one day, we shall not be moved. God's plan the next day is full recovery- Romans 8:28.

Our agenda for each day should include a rebound from our yesterday’s. This recovery will not bring us back to where we were but lift us higher above our circumstances and closer to Jesus as our roots grow deeper in His arms of love and security. We take our yesterday’s and become wiser and richer in our today's. No matter what happened, today we can allow for our roots to grow deeper, our branches grow longer, and our fruit to increase. When we cling to the Vine, God’s turnabout will help us flourish and Jesus’ light will shine brighter in us.

So, yes, you can't change what happened yesterday, but you can, today, grow from it and how you deal with it. Amongst your agenda of routines and schedules, remember to use God's plan for you today and His turnabout from all your yesterday’s whether good or bad.

Have you been able to join me as we have been reading through the Bible? Have you enjoyed what you have been learning or maybe refreshing what you know? As I have said in previous blogs reading the Bible is important and we can learn so much and I have shared many ways we can benefit from reading God's Word. Let's continue our study with 2 Corinthians chapter 5 and see what we can learn.

Study 5, 2 Corinthians chapter 5-

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