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God Speaks When We Listen. Do You Hear His Voice Today?

“But Jesus said, “No, blessed are those who hear the teaching of God and obey it.”

-Luke 11:28

God Speaks

When it comes to God and you hear the word “quiet time”, what do you think? Many people think quiet time means time reading the Bible, doing devotions, prayer time. A time to meditate with God and listen for His voice. We look for quiet time when there are no other distractions around us. Time we can totally devote to God. But with such busy lives we rarely find that quiet time, do we?

I like this statement from journalconnection, “When you think about quiet time it’s not very quiet at all. It’s more of a conversation time between you and God. I guess the only thing we really need to is “quiet down” ourselves so we can hear His speak.”

Yes, find those quiet times with God and listen to His voice, but realize God will speak to you at other times too, even amidst our busy times. God speak:

Through His Word- Deuteronomy 8:3

Whispers- a still small voice- 1 Kings 19, 1 John 14:26

Shouts- Through circumstances- Acts 16:6-10

People who find you- 2 Samuel 12:7

Wise counsel- people you find- Proverbs 15:22

Thoughts- Amos 4:13

Dreams and Visions- Acts 2:17

Creation- Nature- Romans 1:18, John 12:27-30

Supernaturally- Burning bush, Exodus 3; Talking donkey, Numbers 22

Peace- Colossians 3:15

Take a few moments to look over this list. Think of ways God has used these ways to speak to you. Have you heard Him? Remember it’s not always about finding quiet time, it’s just quieting down yourself and listening for God.

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