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God Won't Let Go

1 Peter 5:10 “And after you suffer for a short time, God, who gives all grace, will make everything right. He will make you strong and support you and keep you from falling. He called you to share in his glory in Christ, a glory that will continue forever.”

Do you ever become discouraged in your faith? Have you ever found yourself saying, “Why keep my faith in God? What’s the point of praying and reading the Bible? Nothing I say or do seems to do anything.” The truth is, we all struggle at times trying to be positive and have strong faith in God. Even the strongest Christian will struggle. The reality is, no matter what we do and say, there will be times our faith will fail.

For example, Exodus tells the story of the people of Israel who spent years in slavery under the Egyptians. At first it was easy to keep the faith that God would free them but over the years, despite God’s promise, they became discouraged and stopped believing God would ever deliver them, Exodus 6:9. Their faith had run dry.

But there was hope. It didn’t matter to God, He still loved them, and He would come through for them. Moses told them in Exodus 14:14, “The Lord will fight for you, you only need be silent.”

What a promise. When your faith is empty and your hope in God is at it’s lowest, the Lord will still fight for you. The Lord will keep His promises and He will come through when the time is right, His timing.

There are many battles we all are facing today. Some personal and then some worldwide. What is your personal battle that has your faith slipping? Of course, there’s the pandemic right now, politics and how the U.S. is very divided. There are still some protests and riots lingering. Is there division among your friends, neighbors, church? Have you become discouraged how this world, our country, is changing more and more away from God? Do you, like the people of Israel wonder if God will ever fulfill His promise of a second coming? As each month passes do you feel your faith sometimes at a low?

Aren’t you glad we serve a God who has promised not to give up on us? That He understands when we’re at our weakest and He will be enough strength for both of you. The Lord has promised this battle will end and He will fight for us. When we feel faith slipping, and it will happen to us all, we only need to be silent and let God lead. He will show us that we can trust Him no matter how we feel.

God will never give up on us because He loves us. How about today we all stand strong in faith and not give up on God because we love Him.

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