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Gotta Have That Click

Ephesians 2:10 "God has made us what we are. In Christ Jesus, God made us to do good works, which God planned in advance for us to live our lives doing."

Have you ever had friendships that, no matter how much time has passed, seeing each other, or sometimes even talking to each other, that when you get together it's like you've never been apart? Conversation’s flow and it feels like you've never missed a beat with each other. Maybe you know people you spend time with on a regular basis, yet you never run out of things to talk about. Before you know it, the entire afternoon can be lost in those times.

Then there are moments when you enjoy good company and conversations are pleasant, yet something is missing. Time passes slower and you realize you have less in common than you thought. Glad for their friendship, but not like those friends you seem to instantly click with.

Relationships can be that way too. I had a couple of boyfriends in high school that just didn't totally click. I remember one boyfriend I had felt was more like a friend than a boyfriend. Before I met my husband, I had a boyfriend that when we were together, we looked good on paper and to others. He was a good Christian; I was a good Christian. He fit my list of qualities I was looking for and so on. Yet again something just didn't click. When I met my husband it all just seemed to fit. No, he didn't fit my list of qualities completely, yet it felt right. He understood and saw me like no one else did and he supported me. He was my boyfriend, yet he was a friend like I had never had before. Sure, we had our problems too, but we just clicked which led to, so far, 24 years of marriage and I have a meaningful relationship and he is one I can always count on.

Even though it seemed right on paper and to others, my past relationships didn't work because there wasn't that click, that spark. Yet when I began spending quality time with my husband we began to grow together and found things that just worked. Of course, the more we were together the more exciting it was to spend time together, visit friends as a team, I probably talked about him all the time to others also, and our relationship worked but we have had to work through things to make it this far and even with the highs and lows I'm thankful that God brought us together.

Do you know you can have all the head knowledge you want about the Bible and Jesus? You can read scripture, do devotions, do all the things that indicate you’re a Christian. But you will never have a meaningful relationship with Jesus unless you have that click. Your head knowledge won't help if you don't have the heart experience. To have that heart experience you first need to have a true conversion of finding out who Jesus is and how He fits your life. When Jesus has truly filled your life, He will give you a new heart.

There are some simple indicators we can see and understand that we have that click.

1. Jesus is the center of your life -first John 5:12

2. do you have a deep interest in God's word? -first Peter 2:2

3. do you have a meaningful prayer life? -John 17:3

4. do you have a daily experience with God? -Luke 9:23

5. do you desire to share Jesus? -Luke 1:49

I’m not saying you don't experience God or know God unless you have these feelings. God is in all of our lives when we allow Him in but to truly feel that click comes from living a Christian life and making it a daily lifestyle. Review and Herald, 12-31-1901 says ‘Be sure you are converted daily.’ Gospel workers page 336 ‘We need the converting power of God upon our hearts daily.’

Like friends in relationships, when you've found that true click with Jesus there will be a noticeable change in your life. Simply saying you're a Christian then living your life in worldly ways won't be appealing. You'll want to share your experiences, your newfound relationship with Jesus to others. The joy of a truly changed heart can't be hidden, you'll want to let your light shine. Teach it, preach it, share it. God's greatness is a wonderful story to share and when He's worked in your life and you've allowed Him in, it becomes easier and easier to have that click.

The most important take away from all of this is that the only way to have this connection, this friendship with Jesus is to daily spend time with Him. Daily admit we are all sinners and fall short of God's glory, yet daily acknowledge God is working in your life to help you become the best Christian you can be to shine your light to others.

Today, find your click with Jesus and allow Him to give you a new heart and share your love of Jesus to those around you.

For further study let's continue our study through Blue Jeans Faith: Let's read James 2:1-13,

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