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Habits of a Strong Christian

1 Corinthians 16:13 "Be alert. Continue strong in the faith. Have courage, and be strong."

1 Corinthians 10:31 "The answer is, if you eat or drink, or if you do anything, do it all for the glory of God."

We bite our nails, we play with our hair, we chew on pen caps, we gossip, we must watch our TV time. We brush our teeth daily, we call our moms through the week, we sing in the car, we shower daily and comb our hair. Both good and bad habits are formed in our lives, how? By doing them daily. It’s like tying a shoe, after repeating it over and over it’s become part of us and many things, we do without thinking about.

Do you want victory in your life? Do you want to defeat the enemy when he comes to attack you? To have that begins with you. The choices you make and the things that you do will either give you victory in Jesus or crush you under Satan’s feet. It comes in your daily routine, your habits. By forming daily habits that are in line with Jesus you will grow stronger and stronger and be able to resist the enemy no matter what gets in your way. Put an end to being defeated, discouraged, or going over the same mountain again and again. Take your faith to a higher level and see glorious results.

Habit 1: Strong Christians feed the Spirit -Matthew 4:4

We cannot live on just food for our body, we need to feed our spirit too and that comes from reading the Bible daily. Victory doesn’t come by one snack a week (church), we need hot meals (Jesus) daily to have victory.

Habit 2: Strong Christians build their faith -1 Samuel 30:6

Faith is your responsibility, not God’s or your Pastor’s or your spouse’s. You are the only one that can guarantee your strong faith. God has given you the tools you need for a strong faith you need to use them. Hear God’s word, repeat God’s word, live God’s word.

Habit 3: Strong Christians Speak the Word -Proverbs 18:21

You are what you eat, but when it comes to the Bible, you are what you speak. Strong Christians daily speak the word, they share of Jesus, they spill over of His goodness to everyone.

Habit 4: Strong Christians should control their thoughts in life -Joshua 1:8

Do you know your thoughts connect your words? When your thoughts are unhealthy or toxic that is what people hear. Your thoughts affect your entire life. To have victory you need to begin focusing your thoughts. Meditate on God’s word and with God.

Habit 5: Strong Christians anchor their heart through praise -Psalm 34:1

Praise is a language of faith and believing and all Christians should be fluent in it. We always need to be blessing the Lord no matter what is happening to us. The Lord has given us countless reasons to praise Him. Praise gives us strength to defeat.

Habit 6: Strong Christians pray in the Spirit -Jude 20

As Christians we need prayer in our lives. Praying in the spirit lifts us up, builds our strength and gives us faith. It opens the door to revelation, wisdom, instruction and encouragement. Victory over the world comes with prayer.

Habit 7: Strong Christians get rid of baggage -Hebrews 12:1

Optimum victory comes when we ask God to rid our lives of the things that weigh us down. Our past, worry, fear, anxiety, sinful habits, being unforgiving. Get rid of it all. Give it to Jesus and claim victory. Then go and share with others what Jesus has done for you in your life.

As habits form with things as simple as tying a shoe or brushing your teeth. Let's start building those habits with Jesus that help us become the Christian God has created us to be. A simple prayer to start your day each day is a great habit to begin with.

Take me Lord as wholly Thine, I lay all my plans at your feet. Use me today in Thy service. Abide in me, and let all my works be formed in Thee.

Lord, close the doors I don't need to walk through today.Open the doors I do.Steer me away from people I don't need to deal with today.Put people in my path that I do.And Lord, don't let me waste my time!

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