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He Walked in Our Shoes

“And now he can help those who are tempted, because he himself suffered and was tempted.” -Hebrews 2:18

Have you ever heard the expression “walk a mile in my shoes”? Usually people say it to others who are being judgmental of someone else. Until you walk in their shoes you don’t know what they’re going through, so stop judging them and try to understand them. I have felt like telling others to walk a mile in my shoes once or twice myself.

We all have our road to walk, we all have our own issues and not one of us share the same problem. So, why do we choose to tear someone down just because it looks different from our view?

But there is one person who completely understands what we all are going through. He’s been through what we all have and worse. He understands us and He’s not judging. Instead He’s waiting to help us, comfort us, and protect us.

Jesus understands loneliness, He spent many nights alone in prayer. Even when He needed His friends, they fell asleep on Him. He understands rejection, so many cities asked Him to leave or chased Him away. He understands losing a loved one, Lazarus, His best friend, died and He wept. He understands financial struggle, He was a carpenter’s son and when He was an adult, He left everything behind and relied on the goodness of others for food and shelter. He understands friends who have turned on Him, Peter denied knowing Him three times, Judas betrayed Him and when He needed them the most, His disciples scattered when He was arrested. He understands pain, He was beaten and bruised and nailed to the cross.

Out of anyone, when we say walk a mile in my shoes to understand me, Jesus can say, “I have walked in your shoes and I understand and am here now to help.”

No matter what you’re going through, search the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and you will find Jesus and you can see He has gone through it too. No one else will go through what you do, but Jesus has, and He won’t judge you. He will be there for you instead; all you have to do is let Him in.

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