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Heavy Weights

John 8:12, “Later, Jesus talked to the people again, saying, “I am the light of the world. The person who follows me will never live in darkness but will have the light that gives life.”

If you have ever been to a beach that is by the ocean you probably have felt the pull to the water to go splash and play. At least on those days when the sun is high, and the waves tumble onto the shore in an inviting way. When there is a slight breeze filling the air.

That was how it was for a scuba diving club. They loved days that were inviting and they looked forward to their underwater adventures. On one of those occasions the club learned a valuable lesson as they all geared up ready for the adventures that lie ahead. For Jim, the newest member, he was particularly eager. He had only practiced in small bodies of water but seeing the ocean floor was a dream come true. Once the leader signed buddies the group entered the crashing waves.

Out of nowhere a storm blew in with pellet like drops of rain and thunderous clouds. As lightning popped around the friends, family and bystanders watching the scuba team began to scatter looking for shelter. About an hour into the storm the scuba divers were beginning to return to the shore. Jim’s family began to panic as Jim was not among the group.

Prayers began to go up as the minutes ticked by and Jim still hadn't returned. It was almost half an hour later that the leader decided to go see if he could find Jim. As he prepared to head into the storm, they saw Jim running toward the lights of the cars pointing to the sea and the darkness of the storm.

Once dry and in the safety of a building Jim shared his story. As the storm circled above him, he swam to the surface of the water. By then the storm was so heavy and the clouds so dark he couldn't see the shoreline. At first, he tried to swim in the direction of what he thought was the shoreline, but his equipment was too heavy and kept taking him back under. That's when he decided to drop the equipment into the water. That gave him the ability to move better and soon he saw the lights on the shoreline. Those lights guiding him back to safety.

Jim learned that no matter how expensive his gear was, it wasn't as valuable as his life, and it was better to let go of the weight holding him down and live than keep holding on and drown. Jim never went back to retrieve his gear instead he let it stay on the ocean floor as reminder of what he could have lost.

How often are we like Jim? We go around carrying our heavy burdens letting it weigh us down. Then when the storms of life come our way, we feel ourselves drowning under the weight. But we are not lost, Jesus promises to be our light in the darkness, and He promises to carry our burdens. We simply have to drop what weighs us down and walk to His light and open arms of safety.

How often do we place so much value on our “things” in this world that they can also hold us down? If you are facing a storm and had to choose your life or the things you hold dear, could you let them sink in the storm? You see, satan doesn't place any value on your life. If he can keep you tied to the things that this world values and out of God's love and care, then he doesn't care whether you live or die.

On the other hand, Jesus values you as His family and your life matters to Him so much that He gave up His life in Heaven to become one of us. He came so we could have life and although the road can be difficult at times, He wants to help us and lighten our heavy weights.

In our bleakest hour no matter the weights we are carrying, Jesus will always be our light that leads to life. We just need to let go of those weights and let them fall to the ocean floor never to be picked up again.

One of the reasons we don't know God deeply is that we don't venture much on His promise to carry things for us. Knowing God with a sense of authentic personal reality, is not merely a matter of study. It is a matter of walking with him through fire and not being burned. When we spend time in God's Word we are growing our personal relationship with Him and we can find the strength to let go and let God because we will begin to see God as our Friend and strength to get us through all times. Let's continue our study with

Hebrews 2:10-18

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