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Help is Found in the Lord

“There is no one like the God of Israel, who rides through the skies to help you, who rides on the clouds in his majesty.”-Deuteronomy 33:26

To go somewhere for help there must be a level of trust. You want someone who can help you, someone who won’t laugh at you or spread your problems to everyone. When you have that kind of relationship it’s easy to talk with them. We can have that relationship with Jesus. Multiple times He has shown us He is our Helper and Protector. All we need to do is trust that and go to Him. After all, He promises to be there for us when we go to Him for help. There are several ways we can go to the Lord for help, nothing to Him is silly or to hard to handle. Today we are going to look at some verses to encourage us to seek help in the Lord. Maybe you could mark these verses in your Bible as we go along.

1 Peter 1:3-5 HOPE- We all get discouraged from time to time. Maybe lose hope in things getting any better for us. When we lose hope, it makes us sad and we feel disconnected from God. But we need not get discouraged, we have something incredible to give us hope. Jesus is our living hope. He came and died for our sins and now sits in heaven preparing a home for us. Salvation from this world and all that can discourage us. Find hope in Jesus.

John 14:27 PEACE- The kids won’t stop fighting there’s problems at work, again something awful has happened in this world. Is there anything to have peace again? We can turn to Jesus, He has promised to give us the peace we are looking for.

Psalm 121:1-4 HELPLESS- We’ve all felt helpless. Helpless when we can’t comfort a hurting friend, helpless when we can’t sooth the hurt of our children, helpless when we’ve exhausted all answers and still come up empty. At those times all we need to do is look to the Lord. He has promised to be here for us and He will always have the answers where we find none.

Ephesians 4:26-27 ANGER- That driver cuts you off, your boss is being unreasonable, your kids are being disagreeable, that gossips won’t stop talking about you, your spouse just won’t listen and so on. In one day, there are multiple things that can make us angry. When we fight with feelings of anger, we feel awful which is more upsetting. The thing we need to remember is that anger is from the devil. The good news is, when we turn to Jesus, He will help us overcome those feelings.

Matthew 11:28 TIRED- Work is exhausting raising a family and taking care of a home is tiresome. Dealing with family drama can drain the life out of us. Simply living in this world can make us tired. But daily we must carry on, we must face all challenges and we must march forward. Why not go to Jesus for help? He’s promised to help us, and when we feel our load just a little too much to carry, He has promised that when we go to Him, we will find rest.

Isaiah 3:4 STRENGTH- We’re no He-Man or Hulk but we can be strong in many things because God created us that way. But there comes a time when we’re just not strong enough. That’s the time to go to the Lord, He has promised to be all the strength we need, and He will always come to our rescue.

1 Chronicles 28:20 COURAGE- We all lose courage. We can have all the confidence at home but when face to face with a problem we can lose the confidence. Or at times fear can overtake us. 1 Chronicles gives us encouraging words we need to find that courage. God will give us the courage we need or the things to say when we need it, we don’t need to be afraid.

No matter what we face, when we open scripture and go to the Lord we will ALWAYS find the help we need. Cling to Him today and always tell the old serpent to take a hike, you serve an awesome God who will always help in everything you need.

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