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However, God…

“Then I heard the Lord’s voice, saying, “Whom can I send? Who will go for us?” So I said, “Here I am. Send me!” -Isaiah 6:8

Sometimes I wish I could pack up myself, say goodbye to responsibilities and retreat to a cabin in the woods by a lake. Leave my phone, T.V., internet and job behind for a time of refreshment, refocus, and to replenish.

Life could be simple, and all distractions gone. I could find the time I need to grow my relationship with God. Maybe start a prayer journal, pray for hours, dig deeper into the Bible without interruption. Can you imagine the peace and quiet?

After all, there is so little time in my day now to spend quality time with God. Between work, bills, family and projects due, I’m lucky to find blocks of time to set aside for God.

So, what do we do? We schedule God in. “Okay,” we say. “I can spend a few hours in church each week. I’ll give you prayer meeting twice a month. Of course, I’ll say a quick prayer when I eat and if I don’t fall asleep, I’ll pray before bed and try to in the morning if I’m not running late. I’ll pencil you in.”

Our prayers might also include, “Lord, I’m your servant, wherever you send me I will go or whatever you ask of me.”

-Then the Lord puts that one person in our path or asks too much of our time. I suppose we need to change our prayer to however, Lord. “I’ll do it Lord, however, could you make it another time, a little easier, a more agreeable person and my liking”. -Patsy Clairmont

We believe God’s time is important and should be holy and set apart from our everyday schedules. So how do we find that time with everything else that needs to be done in the day?

We may believe that, but God doesn’t. He knows we have to live with schedules, appointments, family and responsibilities. He doesn’t want to be your afterthought, pushed to a blocked-out time, or just when it’s convenient. He wants to be part of your entire day, infused in with all your plans. There doesn’t have to be a designated time of the day to glorify God. Yes, you can have your special time set aside but spend the entire day with Him. When we let Him in He can be our strength, His patience and love can be shown through us.

When we talk with God throughout our busy days, we will probably find many more times for quiet reflection. Our ‘howevers’ will become ‘whatever’ because we will know God will help us through anything He gives us and He will help us juggle life and service for Him.

Today let’s choose to put God in our schedule throughout the day not just blocked times. Let our ‘however’ become ‘whatever’. Let our prayers be, “Take me Lord as wholly Thine. I lay all my plans at Thy feet. Use me today in Thy service. Abide in me and let all my works be formed in Thee.” -Steps to Christ

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