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If Only....

“No one can serve two masters. The person will hate one master and love the other, or will follow one master and refuse to follow the other. You cannot serve both God and worldly riches." Matthew 6:24

Today's blog is a little longer than I have posted, but with the times we are in right now with this crisis I have felt the Lord put this on my heart to share with everyone. Remember, we will all get through this because we serve a great God but we all need to hold onto our faith in Him and spend time with Him.

Sally had the life others always dreamed of. She had a high paying job, was in a great relationship, had many friends, lived in a great house and drove an expensive car. Everything the world said that you needed to make it big time. Although she had been raised to know her Bible and God, she now found no time or need for Him. She felt her life was complete, until one night she had a dream.

It started out like most dreams, odd and funny. A man dressed in funny clothes approached her and she was drawn to him because he was funny but, soon her dream took an unexpected turn. The man went to the top of a staircase where he met a beautiful woman. Before them were two altars that suddenly burst into flame. The woman held a chalice and was so sultry and appealing as she set the chalice on the one altar, as it began to burn red. There she settled herself down. The other altar turned white and God’s Ark of the Covenant was outlined.

Unable to pull away she stood as the man again approached her. Without a word her dream suddenly took her through what she could only describe as God’s creation. First light, then water, then the fish swept her along toward the shore where animals took form to greet her. She stood there surrounded by tall trees, beautiful flowers and singing birds. She felt the strong presence of a mighty power. Unable to move she heard a booming voice, full of love and compassion, “This is my creation, my world and you are my family. I made this for you because I love you.”

Sally felt the need to turn away as tears stung her eyes. When she turned back again the beautiful Eden is gone and she saw the world she lives in now and what it’s become. She has a great position and has many wonderful things. She’s a good person, others look up to her and she doesn’t break any laws. Although there may be strife, violence and poverty around her, she is not part of it and it’s not affecting her. Her life is good, and she smiled contently.

The man finally speaks, “Have you accepted Jesus into your heart?”

“Well I know He exists,” Sally pauses as the other woman cackles and smirks. “It’s just that my life is good and I have all I need and my time is important.”

The man’s eyes sadden as Sally turns to sounds of cries and fighting. Like watching a movie, Sally stands there as a gunman shoots little children, homes are being destroyed by violence, drink and drugs are killing innocent people as they party. Mother’s are weeping, fathers are absent from homes because they work too much. All these things that she knows about that are happening around her, but from which she had chosen to turn a blind eye, is brought to light. The woman laughs some more.

“But I’m not like this. I’m sorry others have to go through this but I lead a good life,” Sally turns back to the man but is faced with another scene she recognizes, from every Easter when she does go to church. Jesus on the cross. Of course, her heart hurts for His suffering, the pain He was in, His blood-stained body. It truly was a cruel thing they did to Him. Suddenly she hears Jesus speak, “I did this for you because you are my family and I love you.”

A tear finds a way down Sally’s cheek as the man again asks, “Will you accept Jesus into your heart?”

“I am thankful for what Jesus did, but my life is fine as it is. Nothing bad happens to me and I’m a good person. I don’t have time to add more to my life with a job, a relationship, time with friends. I know the Bible and I believe Jesus once walked this earth. Isn’t that good enough?”

Before Sally could say more, scenes indescribable flashed before her. Hate and violence like she had never seen before. The cities were in flames and crumbling. There were cries for help. It is what she imagined a war zone looked like. Uncomfortable, she wished to be taken away from it. She looked around for the man but couldn’t find him. Looking for the woman she saw her trembling in fear.

Suddenly everything went black, and Sally was glad for a change in her weird dream. Then a bright light began to grow bigger, filling the blackness. As she looked around, she found herself by a graveyard. As the light grew so did the sound of trumpets and before long, right in front of her was a host of angels and Jesus, now clothed in beautiful white garments.

The ground around her trembled and as the angels came closer many were raising from their graves. She smiled at the joyful praises and reunited loved ones. Unfolding before her eyes was Christ’s return. Was she one of His people, had He chosen to take her to heaven? She knew she was right to say that she lives a good life and is a good person. But as the light of God’s glory began to pull away from her, she panicked. “Wait Lord, what about me?” She called out.

With sadness in His voice Jesus answered, “If only my children would hear my voice and turn away from their wicked ways. If only my children had come out of the city so they had not shared in her sins,” a tear fell from Jesus’ eye. “If only you had made time for Me. You are My family and I still love you, if only…”

As the scene faded away Sally stood in the darkness with only the laughter of the woman at her altar. “If only,” Sally repeated quickly sitting up in her bed. Real tears stung her eyes with Jesus’ voice echoing in her mind.

Sally did the only thing she could and knelt beside her bed in much needed prayer. She thanked the Lord for her wake-up call, knowing she needed to make some changes in her life. She was no longer going to be part of the ‘if only’ group. She was a child of an awesome God and it was time to return the love to Him that He had always given her.

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