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Is It Worth Anything?

1 John 3:1a “The Father has loved us so much that we are called children of God. And we really are his children.”

Have you ever heard of the show, Pawn Stars or seen it? The title basically tells you what it's about. There is a shop in Las Vegas that is family owned where people come from all over with their treasures in hopes of making some money. The question asked by everyone who comes in, “Is it worth anything?”

Almost everyone that walks in usually leaves with a good amount of cash for their items, especially when the owners bring in their experts to evaluate the items, but no one leaves with the amount they think their treasure is worth. Then there are the few that leave with nothing because their items are of little to no value. It's interesting to see the items brought in. Some rather old items have been well preserved, yet some come in a little rough around the edges, well used, or a little beat up. Those at times can be worth more than the well-preserved items.

What about you? Have you ever visited a pawn shop where you live? Maybe to buy something hard to find or at a cost far less than you'd find at a retail store. Maybe you have tried to sell one of your own treasures or had it evaluated to see if it's worth anything. One thing for certain, for almost all of us, what we see as valuable is never worth as much as we think once it's been evaluated. Maybe some family heirloom which is far more precious keep it in the family than what is offered at any store.

Have you ever asked the question, “Am I worth anything?”

As adults, even older children we have seen and been through a lot. We fall down, we are tossed about physically and emotionally. We aren't brand new anymore and carry a well-worn out body. We've made mistakes, had our share of rebellion in all sorts of ways and we are far from perfect. Evaluating ourselves we all wonder, “Am I worth it”, when we talk to Jesus. Have you ever thought, “Am I worth anything”, when it comes to going to heaven with our Savior.

Of course, Satan keeps planting those seeds of doubt and loves to remind every Christian of their mistakes, flaws, and past to keep us questioning our value in God's eyes. Proverbs 24:16 says, “Even though good people may fall seven times, they are never defeated, but the wicked are overwhelmed by trouble.” Meaning that as Christians we will make mistakes, but we need to pick ourselves up again and focus on Christ so we don't repeat those mistakes again. It's those who make the mistakes and stay down who become overwhelmed by Satan's trap.

No, we are not perfect, we have cobwebs and dust but when God evaluates us, He looks beyond all that. He chose us while we were still in the womb and values us far more than any mistakes we have made, Psalms 139:13-16. God sees our hearts; He knows our thoughts and our worth to Him cannot be priced. He traded His Son at the cross for each of us, for our Salvation, Romans 5:8.

Next time you are looking at items around your home, your treasures, your heirlooms and wonder what they could be worth, remember how much more valuable you are to Jesus Ephesians 2:10. Wake up each day and go before the throne of grace praising God for a new day to walk with Him. Push the negativity of Satan away knowing with confidence that, even with the bumps, bruises, and maybe even some chips and cracks, you are a child of God and He values you far more than any precious jewel. If you fall down, simply reach up and take Jesus’ offered hand to stand up again and move forward. As a child of God, none of us will never walk alone Zephaniah 3:17.

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