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It's Just a Cup

Romans 15:13, “I pray that God, the source of hope, will fill you completely with joy and peace because you trust in him. Then you will overflow with confident hope through the power of the Holy Spirit.”

God is at work in us and all around us. Yet, many times we live our lives so filled with the business of the world that we fail to notice or recognize His presence.


     CUP: A small, bowl shaped container for drinking from, typically having a handle.

     Cup- One word, three letters. A noun, a drinking vessel.


     Think with me for a moment about all the different cups you've used in life or have seen used. There is such a variety of cups, such as a teacup, a coffee cup, a Solo cup, a cup for drinking water or juice, etc. If I were to set these cups next to each other what would you notice?

     They are small yet useful. They come in many different sizes with different designs. Cups need to be cleaned before we use them. Cups are made for a purpose, and they are filled too almost overflowing.

     Let's break this down even more.


     Cups are small: A cup is small and if it could think for itself what do you think it would say. The cup may consider itself insignificant, unable to accomplish anything because it's too small. It may feel too ordinary.

     Yet, where would civilization be without cups? Cups can be glass, wood, made of precious metals or clay. We have plastic and paper cups (great for get-togethers). Each cup is used for tea, coffee, soft drinks, water, and more. Each cup is designed to be useful. Designed for a purpose.


     How many times have you thought to yourself that the things that you do are too small to matter? We look at the meaning of small as not being enough, less, unimportant, not big enough to make a difference. Have you ever thought these things about your life or actions? What is your purpose, what were you designed for? Well, like a cup, you matter, you have been designed for so much more!


     Cups are unique: Look at all the varieties we have. Some beautiful yet fragile. Some sturdy, yet plain. Then there's the cup that is great for on the go but doesn't last forever.

     We too come in a variety of sizes and designs. We all have our strengths and our weaknesses. God created us each unique and has given us all different talents that will glorify Him when we use them for His will. We all are needed and when we work together much can be accomplished no matter how small we feel.


     Cups need to be washed: Before you use a cup, it has been used in some way. Maybe it already had a drink in it. Or it was on a shelf as decoration. Maybe it's been sitting in the back of your cupboard forgotten and collecting dust. It could have been filled with coins or trinkets. Maybe it's been on a shelf at a store waiting to be purchased. It can be used to hold dirt with a plant inside. I've used some of mine to hold a plant I'm trying to get to root. The point is that a cup is dirty before you drink from it. At some point it has to be cleaned.

     There are times, as Christians, we are like the cups. We may be filled with God's goodness and being used to pour it onto others. We could just be sitting around, good to look at but collecting dust. There also could be times our life when we are full of “other things”, and we can't fill it with what's best- God.

     Now, a cup is an object, it can do nothing unless it's in the owner's hands. But to be used it still has to be emptied and washed to be clean.

     When we choose Jesus and place ourselves in the Masters hands, we too have to go through the cycle of being filled, poured out, washed, and ready to be filled again. We are meant to overflow God's goodness to those around us, we have a purpose.


     Cups are created for a purpose: Think about how many cups you use daily (some more than others). Cups lying around your house as you've used them (sadly I'm looking at mine beside me still from the night before). Although cups are small, they have a purpose. They are all different; they all get filled with a variety of things. They have to be washed often. But they are meant to be filled and can sometimes overflow.

     As a child of God, a child of His creation, His design, we are so much more than small and unimportant. A cup is merely a cup and has a purpose. We are Christians, God's chosen family and are more than just a cup. We are called by God; we are chosen by God. Each uniquely different, yet the same. Our purpose is to preach the gospel, share Jesus and the promise of hope and salvation. Allow God to fill you to the brim and beyond. Overflow His greatness to those around you and every day allow God to fill you and use you according to His purpose.


     Every day let a cup remind you that God has a purpose for you. Today I challenge you to write down the word cup and then write for each letter what you think of God.

C- caring

U- unity

P- peace

Making time for God is a gift that we often neglect. If we want to get the most out of any relationship, we have to be intentional about setting aside time specifically for those we are in a relationship with. This is a time for communication, a time for enjoying God’s presence, listening for His voice, and sharing your heart with Him. Today let's continue our study Connecting with God with lesson 7.

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