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Jesus My Shepherd

"... because he is our God and we are the people he takes care of, the sheep that he tends."

-Psalm 95:7

Isaiah 40:11 gives a clear example of what a shepherd does. They care for their flock, they tend to their needs, they hold the sick in their arms and they make sure not one is lost. Even in the gospels Jesus uses parables of shepherds to understand what He was teaching about who He is, The Good Shepherd.

Jesus wants to be our Shepherd. He wants to take care of us, tend to our needs, care for us when we are sick, and if any of us our lost Jesus will not give up until we have found our way.

Why a Shepherd when Jesus could compare Himself to so many other things? For one, a shepherd has only one agenda in his life, his flock of sheep. They spend their days in the fields with their sheep making sure nothing harms them. Second, the way sheep have learned their master's voice is like no other comparison. Sheep will only respond to their master and cannot be deceived by another and they follow their master because of the unbreakable trust that has been formed.

This too is how Jesus spends His days. He is here for us 24/7 helping us from harms way. But we have to trust His leading and His voice and not let ourselves be deceived and led away. God made us, we are His creation, His chosen people. Out of anything He chose this earth and He chose us and even when He could have started over after the first sin of man He still chose us and sent Jesus to be like us, to be our Shepherd.

Out of my faith and trust I have seen Jesus work in my life I will choose Him and follow my Shepherd. Who will you follow today?

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