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Jesus- Our Rock

"So, trust the Lord always, because he is our Rock forever." -Isaiah 26:4

Let's dig a little deeper today into our verse and see what we can learn about Jesus our Rock.

When I say a rock what comes to mind? Maybe words like big, heavy, hard, solid, firm, unbreakable. Or maybe you can picture boulders, cliffs, stones. Rocks are strong and reliable as foundations, support, and props for holding other rocks in place.

In the Bible rocks were used for many purposes. One that comes to mind is during the time the Israelite's wandered the dessert. They were thirsty and needed water to sustain life and nourishment. God instructed Moses to strike a rock with his staff and the water flowed freely to the people (Exodus 17).

Another story in the Bible about a rock is found in Matthew 7:24-27. Jesus tells a parable of a wise man who built his house on a rock, a firm foundation. When the winds and storms came the house stood firm and he was safe. On the other hand a foolish man built his house on the sand and when the winds and storms came, his house fell apart. (If you know the song, you’re probably humming it by now).

Two instances in the Bible about rocks, both pointing to Jesus who is our ROCK! 1 Corinthians 10:4 says Jesus is our spiritual rock that gives us living water of eternal life. When we “drink” in the knowledge of His Word (the Bible) Jesus becomes part of our nourishment in our spiritual health just like water is nourishment for our bodies.

Jesus is also our ROCK when we build our house (our lives) on Him. Just like the wise man, we won’t have to fear the storms that come our way, for we know they will but we can have peace (John 16:33). We are safe when Jesus is our firm foundation who will always help us in times of trouble. Psalm 94:22 says it best, ‘But the Lord is my defense; and my God is the ROCK of my refuge.’

Jesus is the ROCK from which flow living water, He is the ROCK upon whom we build our spiritual houses so that no storm can take them. Today I choose Jesus as my ROCK and encourage you to build the right way. Build on Jesus Christ, the ROCK!

"The Lord is my rock, my protection, my Savior. My God is my rock. I can run to him for safety. He is my shield and my saving strength, my defender." -Psalm 18:2

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Such a good reminder to take all our troubles to God

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