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Revelation 22:22-21, “Jesus, the One who says these things are true, says, ‘Yes, I am coming soon. Amen.’ Come, Lord Jesus! The grace of the Lord Jesus be with all. Amen.”

Happy Easter, I just want to add that this is a little longer blog as we go into a wonderful weekend celebrating our Lord and Savior. May your life be filled with many blessings as you continue to let the Lord live in your heart and lead your life.

O how the air seems to breathe newness. All the old of the year before has been washed away and a new life has begun. To be able to open the windows and let in the crispness and the sweet smells of lilac in. To hear the symphony of birds singing their songs every morning and evening. Feeling the sun warm our skin and the earth is so refreshing. Knowing God has created this wonder for us to experience. What greater feeling is there then spring after being cooped up through the long cold winter? Spring, such a jubilating time of the year!

     As we head into this weekend, we celebrate the single most important event in the history of the world...the resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. So, let me ask you a few questions. Why did Jesus come? What was His end goal? What did He come to accomplish?


     Since creation this world has pulled further and further away from God, prayers have become more distant, God has been taken out of so many places and hearts, and people see God as this powerful being unable to reach.

     Yet in all the wrongs done God has promised never to leave us. Not because of a promise but because we were still His family, His children. God had a plan though. A way to bring us back to Him. In Isaiah 53:4-6 and 12 we read that God would send a Savior.

     Can you imagine the conversation in heaven? “I just don't know what more we can do,” God shakes His head.

     “It's okay dad, I've got this,” Jesus begins. “Send me, let me stand in their place, take the punishment.”

     “But what you'd have to face,” God continues to shake His head. “The pain, the torture, the shedding of your blood....”

     “I know,” Jesus stops God. “And I am willing. I love them too and I want them to come home too. This will open the door and allow more forgiveness and mercy. They will always deserve another chance as long as they keep seeking and trying. I will do this for each of them.”


      Jesus was going to step in as a substitute for you, for me. Jesus was going to come to this earth, give up his place in heaven and take on human flesh to be like you and me. We all may have asked or still ask, why? Why would Jesus give up being perfect and holy next to God, part of God, and the security of heaven. Why would he come to this world full of sin, sickness, and death? Why lower himself to be like us? The answer: Jesus came to redeem us, to reunite us, to restore our relationship with God. Galatians 1:4, “Jesus gave himself for our sins to free us from this evil world we live in, as God the Father planned.”

      Jesus is truly wonderful and that is why we celebrate every year this time of year. Because Jesus loved us so much He would live on this earth. He would face all the trials and temptations that we have. He would overcome satan the same way we can overcome.

      ‘A new era had begun that day. Jesus was now one with us, He must bear the burden of our guilt and woe. The Sinless One must feel the shame of sin. The peace lover must dwell with the strife, the truth must abide with falsehood, purity with vileness. Every sin, every discord, every defiling lust that transgressions have brought, was torture to His spirit. Alone He must tread the path; alone He must bear the burden. Upon Him who had laid off His glory and accepted the weakness of humanity the redemption of the world must rest. He saw and felt it all, but His purpose remains steadfast. Upon His arm depended on the salvation of the fallen race.’

     Jesus came to this earth with one purpose, to seek and save the lost- Luke 19:10


     Jesus also makes a statement; I am The Good Shepherd. Isaiah 40:11 gives a clear example of what a shepherd does. Now Jesus is stating He wants to be our Shepherd. He wants to take care of us, tend to our needs, care for us when we are sick, and if any of us are lost Jesus will not give up until we have found our way.

     Now why the word ‘good’ shepherd? Good is not a word full of awe and wonder so why choose the phrase “Good Shepherd”? Here's what I’ve learned. The English word is ‘good’ but the Greek word ‘Kalos’ bringing the phrase into a new meaning. Kalos means- beautiful and has the thought of excellent, preeminent, lovely, honorable.’. Jesus is saying I am the Shepherd, the beautiful, excellent, preeminent One. I am the one who looks after all my sheep.

      Jesus is saying He is our Shepherd, and we are His sheep. Through all our trials we have a never-ending Helper. He does not leave us alone to struggle with temptation, to battle with evil, and to be finely crushed with burdens and sorrows. Although now in Heaven we still can hear our Shepherd saying, ‘Fear not: I am with you. I am He that lives, and was dead, and behold I am alive evermore- Revelation 1:18. I have endured your sorrows, experienced your struggles, encountered your temptations. I know your tears, I have wept. I know the depth of your grief. Look to me and live. “I am your shepherd and I love you and have walked before you and will keep you in my care.”

     ‘Good’ doesn't always mean ‘safe’ but it does mean ‘secure’! John 10:27-30 “My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me. I give them eternal life, and they will never die, and no one can steal them out of my hand. My Father gave my sheep to me. He is greater than all, and no person can steal my sheep out of my Father’s hand. The Father and I are one.” Jesus our Shepherd said point blank, “THEY SHALL NEVER PERISH. They cannot be taken out of my Father's hand.” Jesus was speaking about salvation from God's point of view and promised He would not lose anyone- John 6:37-40. Jesus is our Shepherd, the beautiful One, and He came to earth to save His sheep that no one is lost but all have a home in Heaven.

     As this world falls apart at the seams, if you have felt lost or unworthy of His love, don’t lose heart, Jesus our Shepherd is still seeking and waiting. We are His, He knows us by name, He will protect us, and He laid down His life for us so we could have the security and full assurance of salvation and an eternal home in Heaven. God has wanted to dwell with us from creation to salvation and even though we were separated by sin and sinful, Jesus came to make it possible for us to be with God again. While here on earth we can go to God’s throne through Jesus and have a relationship with Him again and when Jesus comes again, we will be once again reunited with God, our Creator and will get to spend eternity with Him. No matter how far we’ve fallen, no matter if we’ve run away from home, no matter our past or where we are now, we can be with Jesus. We have been forgiven, we still can find forgiveness, and Jesus’ arms are open wide ready for us all to come home. Jesus came to this world as a Light of the World and when He finds us, He picks us up, brushes off the dirt (sin) and cleanses us thoroughly. When we repent and accept and invite Him in, we are forever and securely His.


     Jesus is the Good Shepherd. He voluntarily left His throne and took human form to seek and save the lost. John 3:16 reminds us that Jesus’ motivation and selfless act was love. He loves each and every lost so much that He sacrificed it all.

      Jesus is coming soon to take us home to live with Him forever and even though our work here on earth is almost done Jesus isn’t finished. If you feel you’re not ready for Jesus to come because of your past or how you might be living today. If you feel that you’ve haven’t done your part in spreading the good news that’s okay. There is still time to give your life to Jesus, there is still time to let Him into your heart. Jesus says, “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. I will give free water from the spring of the water of life to anyone who is thirsty. Those who win the victory will receive this, and I will be their God, and they will be my children.” Revelation 21:6-7


      “Amazing Grace how sweet the sound. That saved a wrench like me. I once was lost but now I'm found. Was blind but now I see.” Jesus is still seeking and finding, and we all have been promised a home with Him safe in His fold when we chose Jesus. The Savior is waiting, as we celebrate Easter this weekend, let us purpose in our hearts to invite Jesus in as our Shepherd.

I hope you have found some extra time in your week to join me as we have been studying learning how we can connect with God. We are moving into a new study along the same line, Being Right with God. Lesson 1, will show us how God is inviting us to walk with Him and what we can do. As always, it's a short study with a few questions to tie into the lesson. God bless you in your daily journey with Him.

     Thank you for taking the time to read this blog and if you'd like take a few more minutes to look around or click on my other links, God bless.

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