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Let Christ Lead You

Lord, tell me your ways. Show me how to live. Guide me in your truth, and teach me, my God, my Savior. I trust you all day long. -Psalm 25:4-5

Remember as a kid playing follow the leader? When you followed there was some uncertainty as to what the leader would make you do. Then, of course, once you were the leader the fun began as you plotted out your course. Either way, as the leader or follower, you usually had fun and didn't care where you went or what you did. So what happened? Why can't you allow anyone to have that control now?

Giving control of our lives to any other person than ourselves is hard to do. After all, we know ourselves and what's best for us, right? We know our limits, we think we understand our emotions, and handling our life should be our responsibility.

But now we read that Jesus has asked us to let Him lead in our lives. What can be gained by that? To begin with, Jesus knows us better than we know ourselves. He created us, He knows the number of hairs on our head. Surely He knows what we need better than we do. He's even promised us that He will not give us more than we can handle. And like Matthew 11:29 says, He will lead us in a way that we will find rest. Did you hear that? When you let Christ lead, you will find less stress, less worry, and comforting arms to rest in. We find this because Jesus has said He is gentle and humble. He probably won't lead us down a crazy path like our childhood friends did in follow the leader but sometimes the path we're led down will be a little more bumpy or difficult and other times smooth. As hard as it is try today to trust Jesus and let Him lead you. Be still and listen, you will hear Him.

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