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Let Fall Heal

“You changed my sorrow into dancing. You took away my clothes of sadness, and clothed me in joy.” -Psalm 30:11

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is and what season it is and what season we’re in, grief hits us all. Loved ones pass away and we go into a time of grief. No one can tell you how long you’ll be sad and it will always be hardest around special occasions or the time of year they passed. Then there’s the holiday’s, the hardest time of year to be without loved ones who meant so much to you.

So how does one move forward, find joy in sorrow? God knew the sadness living in this world would bring so He came up with a way we can find joy through our grief. Fall- a season of happiness. In those moments, drive around and enjoy the beauty of the changing leaves, and the richness of reds, yellows, and oranges. Only God could create such a masterpiece. I love driving where the trees cover the road in a tunnel, especially on those dirt roads. My own quiet space with God.

Enjoy one of the many apple cider mills and yummy warm doughnuts. Maybe visit a pumpkin patch and see the vast field of different shapes of orange. Take a deep breath of the campfire and smores. Listen as the leaves crunch under your feet and the shrills of laughing children fill the air.

Every season has something in it that shows what an awesome God we serve, but there’s just something about Fall that give us reason to smile.

I heard a story of a lady who had five family members all with October birthdays. Parents, siblings, her son and out of the five only two are still alive today. That did not count her son, who was one who had died. Can you think of any reason she could find joy this time of year?

She did, she decided to turn her grief to joy. Instead of hating Fall she learned to love it. She fell in love with God’s beauty that she could see all around her. She let Fall heal and thanked God instead of blaming God.

For all who have lost a parent, a child, friend or anyone important to you recently or even if it’s been some time now and you still find yourself hurting. Now is the time to let God heal through the Fall season. Burn your sorrows in that campfire and take God’s hand. Let God show you the beauty in His creation that can help you find joy. Let Fall heal you.

And if you’ve been blessed with no loses on a personal level, still take God’s hand and praise Him for all He’s done for your family and anyone else. Take a moment to relish nature and let God lead. Soak up the Fall and let God heal everything and anything.

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