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Let Freedom Ring

" We have freedom now, because Christ made us free. So stand strong. Do not change and go back into the slavery of the law." -Galatians 1:5

July 4th, a day every year for celebration. Family and friends get together. There’s BBQ’s, beach days and of course fireworks. All this in celebration of our freedom. A freedom gained in 1776 where we can live with freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of so many things. A freedom fought for by our forefathers and kept by our armed forces today. Every July we unify in our country saying, ‘God bless America’, and we celebrate, thankful for all we have with freedom.

With all our freedom’s, it’s hard to believe people still find themselves enslaved. No, not by any masters but to themselves. Enslaved by choices they have made that now they feel trapped by. Their burdens, their sins, their pasts. They might live in a free country, but they don’t feel free. And this enslavement comes from only one person, Satan. He daily tries to keep us down, daily puts the burdens on us, so we don’t feel free.

There is another freedom we have though, another freedom we should be celebrating. Celebrating not just once a year but daily. A freedom that was paid with a high price. A freedom that can pull us out from our burdens, our sins, our pasts. And a freedom that ends with life eternal.

Since creation we have been given the chance to freely make our choices and although they haven’t always been the best choices, Jesus came to give us a freedom from those choices. When Jesus died on the cross He was saying, ‘I free you from your choices that have enslaved you. I am offering you freedom and a home with me free from Satan and the sins that bind you. And all I ask is that you follow me and tell others of Me.’

So, as we spend this 4th of July celebrating our freedoms in this world, let us also remember the freedom God has given us. Let us bring back God so we truly can say, ‘God bless America’ and ‘God bless this world’.

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Very nice post! Freedom is given by God!

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