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Let Jesus Prioritize Your Day

Updated: Mar 12, 2018

"There's just not enough time in a day, how can I get everything done?" When we allow Jesus into our lives and let Him prioritize our days we will find we have so much time in a day and feel so much of our stress lifted off our shoulders.

As humans we like control and one way is by controlling our days and schedules. We know what’s important and what we need to get done and when. So it’s hard imaging allowing someone else take that control. The problem with setting our day out all by ourselves is that we find ourselves stressed, forgetful, and if things don’t go as planned, a little irritable.

So why not allow Jesus to prioritize our day. He knows our needs, He knows what needs to get done each day in our lives and He only has our best interest in mind. When Jesus helps us through our day, He will make sure the people that need our witness will come across our path and those who will only cause us headache will stay away. Yes there still will be those irritating coworkers or the boss might drive you crazy but Jesus knows what you can handle and not handle.

Letting Jesus prioritize your day doesn’t mean you won’t get what you want done, He’s just there to help you realize what is more important and what can wait. Your stresses and frustrations can be a lot less when you allow Jesus to help and not try to do it all by yourself. And knowing Jesus is with you can help lighten your steps and your load.

There is a prayer I like to say through in my mornings. It might not always be word for word but it helps me know that Jesus is by my side and that together we can tackle the day ahead of us. It goes like this ‘Lord, close the doors I don't need to walk through today. Open the doors I do. Steer me away from people I don't need to deal with today. Put people in my path that I do. And Lord, don't let me waste my time!'

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