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Light to Guide You Home

“Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” -Psalm 119:105

How many of us had the kind of dad that, while driving somewhere, will suddenly say, “Oh no I’m lost, how do we get home?” My dad was one of those and since I spent a good portion of my growing up years in Colorado, we took many trips into the mountains. Usually he would play that game during the daylight hours but on occasion, he played it at night while we were on our way home. Of course, we knew better and trusted he’d get us home but a few times he had us questioning ourselves. Of course, in the end we always made it home.

It wasn’t until I was older that my mom explained to me why my dad never got lost. You see we lived east of the mountains and so naturally he would follow the light of the sun as it moved west through the skies. Then at night the moon rose in the northeast leading the way home.

Such a simple solution yet full of meaning. Jesus said, “I am the light of the world, whoever walks with me will not walk in darkness (John 8:12) and in following Jesus, He will lead us home. Jesus used light many times in the Bible to teach those around Him. When Jesus was born it was the light of the angels that led the shepherds to Him, and the star that led the Wise Men. When Jesus returns to take us home to Heaven, He will be coming in a bright cloud lighting up the sky so every eye will see Him.

Jesus will also send light into our everyday lives, when we need to feel His love and care, helping guide us back home. Possibly through a friend who visits or calls just at the right time. Maybe our parents, or a stranger will shed some new prospects on life and thinking. No matter how lost we are or how far from God we feel, He will always provide light in our life to guide us home.

Lights also come when and where we least expect them to in various forms. There was one occasion when we were travelling from Colorado to Michigan, driving straight through the night, when we realized that we were almost out of gas. Unfortunately, there were no open stations at that time of night, anywhere along the highway. Since we were in a state that we were unfamiliar with, we started to panic. My dad had a CB radio and we were following a semi with an unusual light pattern on the back of it. Since it was travelling to Michigan as well, we were trying to keep up with it. When we realized that we were needing gas, dad got on the CB radio and asked if anyone knew of any open stations. The trucker in front of us asked if we were the little white car behind him. When dad answered that yes, we were, he told us to follow him and he would take us to an open station, apparently the only open one anywhere in the area. We followed him through a crazy route into the city where there was an open gas station. Dad thanked him, he blinked those lights and left. We got gas and then hurried back out onto the highway to see if we could find him again. It shouldn't have been difficult as his truck had such an unusual light pattern, but we never saw him again. We knew that God had sent this trucker/angel to help guide us, in our way to safety.

Remember God is our light and when we follow Him, we will always find home. Have a brightly blessed day!

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Such a wonderful message paired with a lovely image.

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