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Little Ways to Spend Time with Jesus in Every Season- Guest Blog

Today I'm excited to share my first guest blog with my readers. I have found some wonderful blogger friends that share the same passion for Jesus as I do and today we are going to meet one of them.

Natalie is about to graduate from the University of Texas at Austin with a BA in Finance. She started her blog, The Grace Real, to share her passions for faith and wellness. She also loves healthy recipes, traveling, and more! You can find her at @thegracereal on Instagram or

When we talked she said this was one of her favorites in showing we can find Jesus in every season and with the fresh spring season now here, it's uplifting.

Little ways and how to spend time with Jesus in every changing season, even when life gets busy and they don’t all look the same (and spoiler alert: they won’t). #jesusszn

Today marks the first day of the Spring season. Spring is obviously a time of growth, blooming, and new life, but I think spring sometimes gets forgotten in terms of its significance as a season.

Everyone knows when it’s time for fall– the first leaf falls and people start outwardly asking if it’s too early for blanket shawls and riding boots and there’s #pumpkinspice this and #psl that. Winter (read: Christmas) season is probably 99% of the population’s favorite season because well, Christmas, snuggling up by a fire, hot cocoa, etc. And as soon as winter is over, everyone looks forward for the hot pool days and relaxation of summer again, and meanwhile, spring is just kind of the anticipation between sunny days and actual heat and a couple religious holidays before school gets let out. I mean I don’t think anyone means to dislike spring, I think we all just sometimes forget how significant of a time it truly is to grow and blossom.

There’s a lot of opportunity to re-evaluate where your heart is, what kind of life you’re leading, and how you can become closer with Jesus.

Okay, my soapbox about spring, however, is not the point of this post.

Life is busy, and as it goes by, it can look pretty different from one day to the next. Some days it can seem hard to find the time to fit Jesus in.

Spending time with Jesus is important and it should be prioritized, but it’s okay if you struggle with it sometimes and it looks different some days. Pursuit, not perfection, is the point.

There are many ways to seek God and feel nearer to him when you don’t always have time to sit down with your Bible or diligently study the scripture.

Here are some of the ways you can spend time with Jesus in every day of every season:

1. Wake up each morning and go to bed each night thanking Him. God is so good and we are lucky to be alive each day. Just say hi to Him first thing in the morning- before you even open your eyes- and pray that you can set your sights on Him that day and go to bed talking to Him about it that night.

2. Don’t walk on your phone- look around and admire nature and the beauty He has created around us. Trust, me I have my favorite podcasts too, but also maybe forgo the headphones one day and just talk to Him while you walk.

3. Eat your meals consciously and appreciate and thank Him for every bite. Nurturing and taking care of your body, too, is another way to honor God and what He has given us.

4. Read little devotionals each day. Newspring is a great app you can download on your phone for daily reads and reminders.

5. If you are listening to podcasts or music, take some times to listen to inspiring and Godly ones too. See my list of favorite ones here.

6. Love others and practice random acts of kindness. This is one of the best ways to glorify God and also will make you feel so good on the inside.

7. Try to be in constant prayer throughout the day.

It’s okay if your time with Jesus isn’t always perfect. Jesus is loving and accepting. If your relationship with Jesus is growing and you’re trying your best to pursue Him, He will be happy.

Our time with Jesus doesn’t have to look the same in every season, but it should exist in every season.

Again you can find at @thegracereal on Instagram or Please take time to visit and maybe give her some support and uplifting words.

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