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Mom- Little Stresses vs. Big Blessings

We spend the first few years of our child’s life teaching them to walk and talk, then begin to wonder, “What was I thinking?”

As soon as they figure it out the questions begin. “Mom, where’s my…” “What’s for dinner or what’s for food?” “I’m bored, what can I do?” “Are we there yet?” Mom, mom, mom…

As a mother we happily help our little ones, answer their questions and guide them along the way because we’re mom. But as they grow older and we want them to learn independence, how do we let go? When do we let go? Soon our little bundle of joy can bring on the stress of mom take care of this and mom take care of that. When does mom get to sit down and relax?

I have a 19 and a 21-year-old living at home now along with their 16-year-old sister. Although the older two are independent and come and go, they still look at mom with the questions, especially, “What’s for breakfast?” There are times I happily help make them something or throw a load or two in the wash, but then there are moments I sigh, roll my eyes and wonder “seriously?”

I know I’ve probably spoiled them more than I should have and their need of mom for everything can be a little stress, but then I stop and think.

My children are my greatest blessings from God. They give me reason in life and are the best and worst of me. With them growing so fast I know all too soon they will all be moved out and my nest empty.

So, for now, I roll my eyes, help when I can (even though I take mom time too and make them at times be more responsible), and enjoy each day I am blessed to hear the words, “Mom can you or where’s my…”

One day they too will have their bundle of blessed stress and Karma will smile on them too.

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