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Mom Reality-Happy Mother's Day!

"Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her:"

-Proverbs 31:28 (read all Proverbs 31:10-30 when you can)

So, it’s that time of year again where the world comes together to recognize moms. Even though moms should be honored everyday not just on Mother’s Day, we still take this special day for the extra recognition. First, I want to say I’m glad for my three blessings and am honored to be a mom for 21 years now. I wouldn’t trade it for the world but let’s be real. On Mother’s Day, people like to say all sorts of wonderful things about moms, about being a mom, and how great it is. Well, unless your superwoman and your husband in super dad/husband, being a mom is not all sunshine and roses. Not one mother is June Cleaver. There is a reality to being a mom.

Reality is… Once home from the hospital, moms will have numerous nights of little sleep. Sure it’d be great if your hubby could do the two o’clock feedings and rock your sleepless child endlessly. But hey, he has to sleep too, he has work in the mornings. And, even if he got up to try to help, you won’t be able to sleep through it. Your instincts tell you to tell you to rock your baby, feed your baby (especially if you nurse). So, let the man sleep and treasure those moments.

Reality is… Men hate diapers more than women. You’d be lucky if he actually changed them like a doting father should. And babies don’t always smell baby fresh and are full of giggles. Until you’ve had to clean a blowout that goes everywhere including up the back and, in every crevice,, you’ve not enjoyed the reality of being a mom. And if you’ve hadn’t worn spit up on your clothes or in your mouth you’ve not enjoyed the reality of being a parent.

Reality is… Bath time fun time is only fun until you’re carrying them at arm’s length because they’ve found the mud puddles, paint cans, flour, make-up or anything can cover them from head to toe.

Reality is… Unless you walk behind them 24/7, your house will never be spotless, there will be drawings on walls, broken furniture or broken things around the home and shoes, toys, and clothes always somewhere they don’t belong. Yes, you are the maid, cook, doctor, chauffeur, teacher, police and anything else they need you to be at the drop of a hat. And yes, reality is, you won’t always be appreciated for it.

Reality is… Even with all the hugs, I love yous and smiles that make your heart sing. There will be just as many, “Fine” “Whatever” “I hate you or at least the glare.” They won’t talk to you; they will roll their eyes at you and think you’re just so annoying. Those moments won’t last forever, and they will always come back with the good moments, especially when they need something from you.

Reality is… Nursing a sick child sucks. Their pain breaks your heart and when all you can do is sit with them until it passes, your heart breaks. Reality is, moms lose sleep when their child is sick, we apply wet clothes, catch throw up in our hands if they don’t make it to the bathroom, check on them a thousand times until it’s over. And most husbands don’t deal well with being sick themselves so they can be worse when it’s their child and are no help.

Reality is… From the time your child gets their license and drives themselves to and from places you will worry as long as they are under your roof, even if they’re in their 20s. Because nothing drops the heart to your stomach faster then hearing sirens on the road when you know your child is on the road at that time.

Reality is… you will have days you don’t get dressed or have to change as many times as your child because the mess they make. You won’t always get your hair and make-up done. You won’t always feel like cooking the perfect meal or doing the mountain of laundry. You will worry and stress, you will cry and there will be nights of only two hours sleep (especially during those older teen years). You will be grateful to be a mother, but you will also find moments you wish you weren’t a mother (and that’s okay). There will be times it’s worth it and times you will say, “I don’t want to play anymore”. You will wonder if you taught them enough from right and wrong. You will carry their burdens and joys. You will question many times, if you’re good enough. But the reality is , you will still play because…

The reality is… You are mom. These bundles of joy and heartache are your life. They embody the good and bad of you and always bring out the best of you. They are gifts of God and they belong to you. The reality is, that no matter the good, the bad, the ugly you would give up your life for them. You will do everything in your power to protect them, even in those disagreeable times. And if you had the chance, you would do it all over again, you wouldn’t trade a single day of the ups and downs because they are your babies no matter how old they get.

You may not be superwoman but to your children you are Super Mom. Even when they are upset with you, they will still always come to you. To them, they know you’re not perfect, but you are all they need when the chips are down. No matter how old they get, mom is who they need for counseling, for comfort, for special talk and for reassuring hugs.

Reality is… Being a mom is the best job God has given me and to all mother’s, happy Mother’s Day on this holiday and every day!

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