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Moments with God

"Let them give thanks to the Lord for his love and for the miracles he does for people. He satisfies the thirsty and fills up the hungry." -Psalm 107:8-9

I am a family person. I love each moment I have with my family and I love capturing moments on camera to look at for years to come. I thank God for each moment I have with my family (yes even the bad ones), because I know that I could lose any one of them at any given time and even if we all grow old together they will be moving out and living on their own. So I treasure all my moments and thank God for all of them. God too, loves us and treasures the time we give Him. He looks forward to each moment good or bad that we give to Him. So how do we give our moments to God?

Happy Moments- Praise God. Whether it's the birth of a child, a wedding or graduation, something as simple as finding your lost keys or whatever brought a smile to your face, praise God. Thank Him for the happy moments your're in. -Isaiah 25:1

Difficult Moments- Seek God. Those stressful financial problems, stress at work, a hard time in a relationship, having to watch a loved one suffer. We all have those moments we are stressed or sad and we need God. He says seek Him and He will help us through.

-1 Chronicles 16:11

Quiet Moments- Worship God. We all enjoy those quiet peaceful moments with nothing to do but relax. Those moments when no kids need attention, the evening has set in and you can relax. What better time to worship God? Go enjoy a walk, the sunset, read your Bible, commune with God. Use your quiet moments to draw closer to God. -Exodus 23:25

Painful Moments- Trust God. We all will go through pain, physical and mental. Times our hearts are hurting or our are bodies weak. In those times we need to trust God. Trust He's still in control working it all out our for our good. We need to put our trust in God to heal us, in His time. -Psalm 84:12

Every Moment- Thank God. Each day you wake up and take another breath it is a gift from God. He has given you another day to be blessed and to be a blessing. Every moment you have to live, every moment you have with your family is God's gift to you. Remember to always thank God for each moment. -Psalm 107:8-9

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