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Most Wonderful Time of the Year

John 3:16, “God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son so that whoever believes in him may not be lost, but have eternal life.”

We are all familiar with the Christmas story, maybe even too familiar. As Christians we've heard the story over and over through sermons, teachers, even parents. The question is, do we really know the story, or have we become numb to its meaning? Many times, it's easy to remember the last part of any story when we've heard it over and over and forget the details of the rest of the story. Or sometimes we end up recalling the highlights but lose the important details. This year let's start a new tradition of what Christmas means and the details of this blessed promise.

Christmas for many means parties, decorated cozy homes, traditions to celebrate, and gifts to share. It's amazing how in all the hustle and bustle of the season and the fun we put into celebrating, we quickly lose sight of the reason why we have Christmas. All this busyness can easily shift our focus, and our priorities turn to Santa Claus, Christmas trees, and wrapped gifts and we forget the origin of Christmas.

For many years long before eggnog and mistletoe God's people lived waiting for the promised King to free them from oppression- Isaiah 9:6-7. The Bible is full of scriptures pointing to the One who would save mankind from their sins. Isaiah tells of an infant who would grow to a man who would be their Savior and establish a Kingdom of righteousness for evermore. Christmas began the moment in history when prophecy was fulfilled. We celebrate not for the gifts and twinkling lights but because this was the moment God came to be with us.

The moment Jesus came, He gave us the gift of salvation. His birth is notable because of His death. Jesus came to live a life free from sin so He could be the perfect sacrificial lamb for the payment of our sins. Jesus coming as a baby wasn't just another happy birth to celebrate. It was the beginning of God's redemption plan to save His people. This act of love that God chose to give a fallen race, is why we celebrate Christmas.

It's easy to get caught up in the busyness of the season and all the celebrating and before we know it the season is over, and we forget those precious moments we could have taken to remember the reason why we celebrate. A child born in humble circumstances to die on a cross for humanity so we can fellowship once again with God. Without Jesus’ death salvation was not possible, yet without His birth none of God's gift of love would have been possible.

For this very reason we all should find time to bow our knees and lift our hearts in celebration glorifying the one who gave it all. Absolutely enjoy the season and celebrate with parties, gifts and joy but don't forget to point your heart and those around you to Christmas’ true meaning: Christ came with a plan for our redemption.

God’s words are settled in Heaven; His words are settled down here—if you allow them to be. The Holy Spirit works around the clock trying to get you to settle the Word of God in your mind and spirit so you can go on to do the work of God, do what He wants you to do. You will not make a great worker for the Lord if you don’t settle in your heart the will of God, the greatness and promises of God for you. Believe His will for you, settle it. The Word is settled in every heart who will give over to it. I hope you have been able to join us as we are reading through Hebrews, let's continue with Hebrews 7:20-28

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