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My Father's Shoes

Whoever says that he lives in God must live as Jesus lived. -1 John 2:6

I loved to watch my kids when they were little putting on their daddy's shoes and trying to walk around the house. Their favorite were his work boots and being so little the boots engulfed their legs. They felt so proud wearing them just to be like daddy.

My kids are almost grown now and their dads boots are still big on them but they don't disappear as they put them on to run outside for a chore or to get something. They still look up to their dad but don't necessarily want to be just like him.

Although my kids have grown and are forming their own paths, I have learned something from them wanting to be like daddy. We all have a Father we want to imitate. Although we will never fill His shoes while He was here on earth or now in heaven, we can strive to come close. Jesus showed love, kindness and acceptance. He helped anyone who came to Him. He healed the sick and set about His Father's business teaching everyone about God and salvation.

We have been called to do no less. We need to share God's character, be kind, tell others of His goodness and promise of salvation. Although we will never fully fill His shoes we can do our best when we put Jesus in our lives daily. Then one day when we join Jesus in heaven we will be given that perfect body and be all that Jesus made us to be. Who's shoes are you walking in today?

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