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Net of Safety

“Set me free from the trap they set for me, because you are my protection.”

-Psalm 31:4

Bats are an interesting mammal to observe. Being night animals, we don’t see them much unless you are out in the evening or they happen to be in your barn, or you go to a zoo to see them behind glass. It’s interesting to see how people react when a bat is flying around them. Some find it fascinating and don’t cower when they dive, and others duck and run for cover. I am in the middle, interesting to watch fly around but please don’t dive my way.

Our church had a fun evening one prayer meeting where we got to spend some time with a bat flying around our foyer. There just happened to be a handful of us as prayer meeting was over and a bat joined us. We all stood in the foyer watching a few of our church members try to shoo it out the door while another was at the door playing bat noises to draw him out. Eventually we left it to our elder to go get his net and capture him and take him to safety while we all headed home ourselves.

Thinking about the little adventure I began to think about us as Christians. We all spend our days like this bat flying around (well we walk of course). There are times we probably feel like were walking in circles, like our poor bat who could only fly in circles in our foyer. There will be times we will have to keep flying around spreading the Good News of Jesus even if it feels we are getting nowhere. Sometimes we might get ourselves stuck in a rut where we can’t find our way out.

All the time we live here on earth we face trials or temptations that could lead us away from God. Satan and this world will try to throw things at us, like our church members who tried tossing pillows in the bat’s direction. There will be chatter of small voices trying to say, “come this way it’s the better way”, our church member with the bat noises. There will even be those who will laugh at us for our choices, yes some of us were laughing pretty hard too. We could try to get away from situations or find a new road to take, but we can’t do it alone or, like the bat, we will just stay in that rut, we might even fall for the temptations that will take us down.

There is only one solution in those times. Like our elder had to get a net to catch the bat in and take him to safety, we have a safety net. Jesus promises to be there for us to catch us when we are weary. He is our net of safety and when we follow Him (fall into His arms, net), He will take us to safety away from the chatter, the laughter and the arrows being tossed at us.

Most of us left before we could watch the bat get out but once the net was there, I am sure it required some trust for the bat to stay put until he was out of the church. We too need to trust Jesus to carry us safely to higher ground and out of danger, “When you pass through the waters, I will be with you. When you cross rivers, you will not drown. When you walk through fire, you will not be burned, nor will the flames hurt you.”-Isaiah 43:2

Today when you feel you’re flying in circles, learn from the bat, allow Jesus to catch you in His net and help you through anything you are facing.

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