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Peace Be Still

1 Peter 5:6 “Be humble under God’s powerful hand so he will lift you up when the right time comes.”

I recently read a post on Facebook that caught my interest. This was how it opened, ‘I heard that “we all are in the same boat”, but it’s not like that. We are all in the same storm, but not in the same boat. Your ship could be shipwrecked and mine might survive. Or vice versa”.

This was only part of a long story, but it is fitting for the times we are in right now. A virus has hit the world and it’s caused waves of ups and downs like a boat at sea during a storm. Some people are facing more trying times, most are even being laid off or put on furlough while others still are working. There is not one person who has it easier than another. We are all in our boats waiting for this storm to pass.

I found encouragement in three stories in scripture where the storms and the waters raged and the boats were tossed about. The good news was that when God was ready for the storms to pass all He had to do was say, ‘Peace be still’.

The first is one we all know well. Genesis tells the story of Noah and the ark. In order to destroy the earth, the storm went on 40 days. I’m sure, although they had faith, Noah and his family wondered if the storm would ever pass and the rains would ever stop. But when God was ready, He allowed the water to go away and the land to dry up so Noah and his family could safely leave the ark.

The second story can be found in Matthew 14:22-33. The disciples were on a boat and the water began storming around them. As the boat rocked up and down the disciples were probably worried and wondering if it would stop and they would be safe. During this storm Jesus walked on the water to them. This time Jesus allowed the storm to help teach a lesson and we read how Peter walked on the water with Jesus until he looked at the waves instead of keeping his eyes on Jesus, and he started to drown and Jesus had to save him. But once safely on the boat, Jesus calmed the waves and they were on calm waters again. A strong lesson in faith.

The third story is a wonderful story found in Mark 4:35-41. The disciples are again on a boat and this time Jesus is with them, sleeping. Again, the storms start up and the angry waves toss the boat around. The disciples cry out to Jesus for help and then my favorite part. Jesus stands, looks at the storm and says, “Peace be still.” Just like that, the waves are stilled and the storm is over.

This is where I’m encouraged. No matter what boat we’re in we are all in this storm together, riding out the waves and holding onto faith in Jesus. The good news, our Lord, who already knows the beginning to the end, who already has His plan for our lives worked out, will, when the time is right, look at this storm and say, “Peace be still.” The virus will settle down and there will be stillness again. We can be encouraged that we don’t have to face this alone. Like God’s hand was over the ark as it tossed about, how Jesus appeared to the disciples when the waves started, and how Jesus was there for His disciples in the boat, Jesus will be with us through this. We just need to keep our eyes fixed on Him and as I’ve said before, trust, believe and have faith.

If doubt ever crosses your mind, and there will be those low times when there is doubt, cling to Revelation 21:4-7. If you haven’t read it, look at it today. The hope we have as Christians facing all storms in life that the devil throws our way, we win!

I’m so glad we have a God in charge of the storms in life. There will be raging waves that will toss us about, but we will always be safe in His arms. When the time is right, God will once again say, “Peace be still.”

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